Proposing to a lady is not a skyrocket science, neither is it something you just wake up one morning to do. There are some certain things you should deliberately know about a lady before proposing to her. 

Over the time, I’ve seen numerous and uncountable numbers of young guys who thinks that marriage is a boyfriend and girlfriend thing. Marriage is far beyond dating nor courting someone, perhaps it’s an everlasting union of which can only be separated by death.

This means that even the tortures of sickness and tough times cannot separate this bond. So, have you seen the reason why you should be very careful in the choice of spouse you will probably choose to end up with.

As a matter of fact, this is the more reason why you should deliberately know some things about the person you want to propose to. Meanwhile, on this very short and precise article; I’m categorically talking to the male genders.

It is majorly believed that make do the proposing; so I’d just focus on that so as to ensure you quick grasping of this content. So in a nutshell, I’ll be writing on the things you should know about a lady before proposing to her.

Things You Should Know About A Lady Before Proposing To Her

Her Family Background:

Knowing her family background is one of the most important things you should and must really know before proposing to her. Listen dear zealous young man, don’t let your love for a lady to make you forget some vital things you should know about her.

Knowing her family background is very vital. By saying this, I’m not talking about the financial background of her family, but am talking about the totality of her family background. 

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You’ve got to really know where she came from, her parents, her siblings etc. Hey Dude! Don’t ignore this.

Her Age:

This is funny right?

Before now, I’ve heard people say ‘Age does not matter in marriage’ even for countless times. But listen to me, as a young man; don’t marry a lady who is older than you.

By nature, women always look older than the men. Will you agree with me that girls who are of same age with you look older than you?

When you see a guy of 25 and a girl of 25; from their look and body structure, you may think that the girl is older than the guy with about a year or even more. So dear young man, before you propose to any lady; please make sure that you’ve known their age and it is okay by you.

Her Genotype:

Her genotype is another thing you should know too. This really has a very important role in child bearing. Don’t be in hurry to propose to a girl forgetting about the reality of her genotype.

Please before you propose to that young lady; make you already knew her genotype is it is compatible with yours too. Meanwhile, in my subsequent contents, I’ll do a highlight on genotype compatibility so that you will really know the type of genotype to marry.

Her Dreams And Vision In Life:

Before you propose to any lady please brother always make sure that you’ve already known her dream. Like know her plan for the next ten years, next twenty years.

However, it will amaze you that most girls out there don’t even have any dream but that’s by the way. By doing this, you will really know if her plan will really agree with yours or not. But here is my candid advice, marry someone who has a similar dream with you.

Her Purpose:

Knowing her purpose is as important as knowing her name. Yeah! It is very important for you to know the purpose of any girl you would want to propose to so as to avoid, had I known or honey you didn’t tell me that God called you, that’s funny though. 

Please, don’t miss this particular question. Make sure that you are compatible with purpose.

Her Level Of Intimacy With God:

It is also important for you to know how serious she is with the things of God. This is very important and shouldn’t be neglected. Don’t propose to a casual Christian.

You have to be sure that she’s a born again not by mouth but by attitude. Brother open your eyes. The prayer of your wife is stronger than when security men guides you. So how would you get such coverings where you marry a casual Christian who hates prayer?

Please make sure you ask her serious questions about her walk with God and her believe, and her church too.

Her Moral Life:

Knowing her moral lifestyle is also very important for you to know too. You really need to know more about her character, attributes, how she relates to people, her communication skills, what she likes, and what she doesn’t like, etc.

This matters a lot, and please don’t propose to any lady who is very beautiful but morally bankrupt.

Her Cycle Of Friends:

Listen, you really need to know those persons that have been influencing her either positively or negatively. And those persons are her cycle of friends.

It is very important for you to know the people she mingles with. You really need to know if her friends are all goats or dogs, etc. just discover it.

Her Best Friend:

Knowing her best friend is different from knowing her cycle of friends. Here, you should endeavor to know her best friend; who she shares her secrets and deep challenges to.

Her Job:

It is important for you to know the type of job she does. Most girls are prostitutes and you wouldn’t know. I’m not condemning them am only setting an example here. 

So it is very much important for you to know her job before you propose.

Her Previous Relationship:

Another important thing you should know is about her former relationship. You really need to know if she has ever courted anyone before and also find out why they broke up and who the person was.

These are all important facts you should know.


Don’t rush; relax. Take your time to know all these things I’ve highlighted on this precise article. And I hope this very content really met your expectations?

So having read this very content, do you have any question to ask? or any suggestion to render? Or is there any topic you would like to write on? Kindly send a feedback using the comment section below, thanks and please do not forget to share this content with others.


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