Before now, it is believed that the only relationship a Christian single should go into is called Courtship and this case had always been over-emphasized in our local Christian gatherings and all that.

By saying so, it simply means that Christian singles should not be involved with anything called Dating. The dating I meant here is not the setting of a date on which an appointment or an event will take effect.

The dating I mean here is practically the one that has to do with the mutual relationship between two opposite genders. This one is really not for Christians and it was tagged quite irrelevant.

Now as a Christian, if you must go into any mutual relationship with your opposite gender it should be courtship and not dating. Meanwhile, courtship begins the moment male gender proposes to the female gender. However, in some developed countries, female genders are not restricted from proposing to a male gender.

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In my subsequent contents, I’ll surely try to provide a comprehensive article on the difference between dating and courtship and why you shouldn’t do dating as a Christian. Now, I wouldn’t want to deviate from the topic of this very content which really has a lot to do with courtship rules.

The issue of being in a courtship without some restrictions should be highly prohibited and done properly. So many youths from different circles and races are into courtship without acquiring any formal or informal knowledge about courtship.

Ideally, this is one of the major reasons why so many would-be spouses breakout from their courtships, and if that doesn’t happen; things might go wrong. As a matter of fact, majority of youths who are involved with pre-marital sex are would-be spouses (folks who are courting).

Added to this, most of the marital problems people face today in their marriages are products of what they did in their courtship period. Most times, trusts are broken in courtship before marriage.

All these would have been avoided if the folks involved had adhered to courtship rules. Now without wasting much of your time, let me quickly move into what we have for today.

Things You Shouldn’t Do In Courtship

Here in this segment are some important things you shouldn’t do when courting someone.

9. Don’t Visit Partner Alone:

I know this may sound very funny or maybe look so foolish before lots of folks but on a serious note; you really should not visit your courtship partner alone. Yeah, no matter how Godly or spiritual you might be, you must learn to be disciplined and try as much as possible not to visit your spouse to be alone especially if it’s at night.

Yeah, this is practically so because you’re still flesh and you might be tempted to make an immoral move if you are alone with your spouse to be. Hey, listen up; don’t say you can’t fall for such temptation or whatsoever because immorality does not respect anybody even if you’re anointed (don’t forget that David in the bible was also anointed too but he was caught in the web of immorality).

So what am I trying to say here?

You can still fall into the trap of pre-marital sex (fornication) and that’s a sin before God. So if you’re already into courtship, don’t visit your partner alone.

8. No Kissing:

I’m pretty sure that your mind is already telling you that this point is baseless or maybe not relevant. Sire Charles Writ Frederick made a stroking statement on one of his book I read (Questions Young People Ask- Go and get your own copy; it’s a must-read), Missing your period always start with kissing his lips.

Yeah, there are numerous lessons to learn from that very statement. If you don’t want to be involved in sex before marriage (Pre-Marital Sex), then don’t kiss your partner in courtship. Kissing is actually one of the elements that trigger the hormones of humans to sexual actions. So don’t kiss.

7. No Pre-Marital Sex:

Sex before marriage is purely a sin before God and unto mankind. The bible called it Fornication, and then the westerners called it Pre-Marital Sex. Nobody is qualified to have sex with you apart from the person you’re legally married to. Yeah, even if the person is going to be your husband or wife; they’re not still qualified until they’ve become either your husband/wife.

We’re courting is different from we’re married, so don’t misunderstand these words. Listen to me; Sex is worth waiting for, and if you’re a lady don’t embarrass your family and community people at large (smiles) by giving him the forbidden fruit.

6. Abridge Hugging:

Hugging is another thing you should really abridge and that’s one of the courtship rules. It’s actually one of the things you shouldn’t do in courtship.

I know this may sound foolish, but that’s by the way. You should curtail the way you hug your partner.

5. No Caressing:

It is commonly known as romantic touching. Just like kissing and the rest of its sort, caressing is another element that can trigger your hormones towards taking sexual actions.

If you really want to have a successful courtship and a blessed marriage, avoid caressing in courtship.

4. Don’t Cheat:

Don’t cheat in courtship. If your partner can cheat in courtship then your marriage is not safe too. Be sincere to your partner; don’t cheat.

3. Don’t Tell Lies:

Lying is another thing you shouldn’t do in courtship. Be open and truthful to your partner. Don’t tell lies. If you want to be respected by your spouse in marriage, then don’t tell lies in courtship. 

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Remember, what you do in courtship may likely determine what you’ll do in marriage.

2. Don’t Live Together:

You’re never permitted to live together if you’re not yet married. This very act is forbidden in all ramifications. For no reason should both of you live together. Don’t be too faster than your shadow and the funny thing is, even your shadow will leave you in when you’re in the dark.

1. Don’t Court For Too Long:

It is not nice for you to court for too long. Like courting for 8 years, 10 years, 15 years, etc. I didn’t say that long courtship is a sin; No that’s not what I meant here. All am trying to say is – Courting for too long is not advisable and most times not favourable for the ladies.

If your bond is so strong and can carry the both of you for 10 years, then you can go ahead. I’ve seen folks that courted for 18 good years; yes (This is not fiction or some kind of stories or whatsoever, this is something that happened in reality and I’m a living witness).

I won’t tell you to court for too long and I won’t also tell you to court shortly too. All I can say is ‘Let your courtship be based on your agreement with your partner’.


Please don't let what you see to move you and don't forget that courtship is a serious issue and shouldn't be neglected. Use these rules, follow these rules, and you'll have a perfect courtship experience and a good potential marriage.

Meanwhile, do you have any question to ask? or any suggestion to render? or is there any topic you would want me to write on? 

Kindly drop your feedback/s using the comment box below, and please don't forget to share this very content with your friends and loved ones, thanks.

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