The things you do in courtship will definitely determine how your marriage will be. In my previous content, I dwelled on Things You Shouldn’t Do In Courtship (i.e. the don’ts of courtship) and I’ll really advice you to read that content, it really worth it. Anyways, that’s by the way.

Here on this precise article, I’ll beckon my attention on the things you should do in courtship. These things are very important – they are the bedrock for successful marriages.

So if you’re already courting someone, then this is for you but if you’re not courting yet, you should really prepare your mind on this Dos of courtship. So in a nutshell, here are the dos in every courtship.

10 Things You Should Do In Courtship (Dos Of Courtship)

Here on this section, we’ll precisely talk on 10 things you should really do in courtship. I call it, DO’s in courtship. 

10. Trust Your Partner:

You can’t build a successful marriage if there’s no trust and you won’t trust your spouse in marriage if there was no trust during courtship. If you really want your love to be stronger – then you must learn to trust your partner during courtship.

Most times, there are problems you’ll encounter during courtship that the only remedy is trust. Learn to trust your partner in courtship if you must have a successful marriage. This is one of the primary things needed in every relationship.

If there’s no trust in a relationship, then the parties are suspects.

9. Accept Your Partner’s Imperfection:

Nobody is perfect and you can’t find a perfect partner not here in this continent and not even in any other continent. Listen to me, you can’t find the perfect person. Yeah, there’s no Mr Right and there’s no Lady Right anywhere in this world at large. So if you’re looking for a perfect partner, then you’re not yet ready for marriage.

Now, if you really want success in your courtship, you should learn to accept your partner’s imperfection. You’ve got to accept them for whom they are. They won’t or may not be perfect, but you can repackage them to your taste. 

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This is one of the things you should do in courtship and also remember that you’ll find tons of errors and faults in your partner and I’m pretty sure that you aren’t fault-free too. So accept your partner’s errors (vise vasa), you’ll have a successful courting experience.

In doing this, make sure that you can manage or condone your partner’s error. If you can’t condone or tolerate your partner’s errors and fault, then you should quit the relationship to avoid ‘If I had known in marriage’.

Yeah, that’s very necessary. Make sure that your fault can blend with your partner’s fault. If you’re a hot-tempered, then you don’t need to court a hot temper to avoid building war-front instead of building marriage.

8. Communication Matters Here:

Always talk and talk and talk. As a matter of fact communication renews your love each day. Yeah! This is one of the dos of courtship. If you must have an awesome courtship experience, then you should always communicate with your partner.

It is always advice-able to call your partner at least three to four times in a week (advice-singly). Please I didn’t say you must call your partner 4 times or three times in a week and am not also condemning those that communicate twice in a week either. What am trying to say is, it is advice-able that you communicate with your partner at least up to four times in a week.

You must not see before you could communicate with your partner (If you should see, then that’s also fine too). Just talk! And Talk.

7. Study Together:

You should also learn to study today and not just to communicate. Now in studying together, you guy may not be together. You both can remotely pick a scripture to study and after which you interact to ask yourselves questions regarding what you studied.

Do this! It’s one of the elements that’ll sweeten your courtship experience.

6. Your Parents Should Be Aware Of Your Intentions:

Telling your parents about your intentions and keeping your secrets to each are not related in any way or perhaps in violence with each other. Let me elucidate.

Don’t travel with your partner without telling your parents. Most times, your parents need to be aware of your date with your would-be spouse and the rest of its sort. The point I’m trying to make here is, always make your that your parents are aware of your critical intentions.

5. Reveal Your Past to Each Other:

No matter how terrible and horrible your pasts are, your partner is entitled to know about it – yeah, courtship is as serious as that. If your partner is not aware of your past, then you’re hiding something from him/her.

Over time, I’ve heard marriages break because one of the spouses heard what he was never told during courtship by his courtship. Such marriage would have been secured if his wife had told him that during courtship. I know most of them were scared of what the outcome might be.

Please correct me in faith if am not correct, listen – tell your partner about your past life. Yeah! If you were a prostitute – Tell your partner. If you were sleeping around with young ladies then – Tell your partner. If you’re no longer a virgin – Tell your partner. If you were adopted – Tell your partner. If you were in a relationship before – Tell your partner. Yeah! This is as serious as that.

4. Know Almost-Everything About Each Other:

Don’t try to see this as an impossible task or thing to do. In courtship, it is very necessary for you to know almost everything about your partner; I mean almost everything.

This is very crucial and it’s actually one of the things (DO’s) you should do in courtship. You should know at least 70% of your partner.

3. Pray Together:

This is where folks that are into courtship fail in major cases. There is no way you can have a smooth courtship if you don’t pray together with your partner! That’s one of the most wonderful aspects in courtship you shouldn’t miss out.

As a matter of fact, praying together with your would-be spouse is the main thing here. If you adhere to these DO’s of courtship without praying together; your plans and agreement may end up being ruined because nothing was backing you guys.

In summary to this segment, you both have got to involve God in your courtship.

2. Keep Your Secrets To Each Other:

Third parties should not know your secrets, and in most cases, even your parents may not also be permitted to know your secrets. This is actually one of the things you’ve got to do in courtship so as to have a wonderful courtship experience. 

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If you marry someone who can’t keep secrets in courtship – that same person will definitely not keep your secret even in marriage. He’ll tell the neighbors all the conversations you had with him. Listen to this folks! If you must have a successful courtship experience, then learn to keep the conversations you had with your partner; a secret.

1. Believer in Your Partner:

Believing in your partner is actually one of the things you should do in courtship. This very segment is very important and should not be treated with negligence.

Don’t court someone who does not believe in you - someone who thinks less of you. You don’t need such a person. You should court and marry someone who totally believes in you, someone who believes in your capacity, someone who would trust your competency.


You must really understand that your courtship period is really a wonderful period in every man’s life. It is also believed that ‘courtship’ is one of the determinants of good or bad marriage.

Yeah! If your courtship is good, there is every tendency that your marriage will be good too (vice-vasa). Listen; you can’t cope in your marriage if you didn’t cope in your courtship. So just quit the relationship if you can't cope in the courtship.

So having read this content, do you have any question to ask? Or perhaps any topic you would want me to write on? Kindly send feedback using the comment box below, thanks and please don’t forget to share this content with your friends.

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