14 Reasons Why Most Young People Marry Late

Hi folks, on this short and precise content, I’ll be highlighting and unveiling some reasons why many young people marry late. Got it right? Read thoroughly so you wouldn’t miss out on any line, good luck!

Have you ever wondered why most aged persons are still single? Do you realise that some even marry at the age of 45 and above? These are what most persons couldn’t fathom the cause or reasons why good numbers of persons marry late.

However, I’ve seen many youths (male genders to be precise) that are warming up to do same too. Their minds are fixed towards lateness in marriage. They see marrying early as an irrelevant matter or topic to be pondered upon.

Ideally, do you think this decision is cool or perhaps are you okay with the fact that they marry so late?

That’s quite ridiculous right?

Over time, I’ve been able to have good time with a good many of such young youths of both genders and has been able to figure out what their reasons were. To them, they see these reasons as an ultimatum and they’re bold enough with these reasons.

So in nutshell, I’ll be highlighting some reasons why so many young people marry late or end up marrying late.

Reasons Why So Many Young People Marry Late

Below on this segment, I'll be highlighting several reasons why so many young people marry late;

What They Heard About Marriage:

So many young people are not married because of the diversity of things they heard about marriage. Funny enough! Most of them think that marriage is a battlefield; some also heard that marriage is a no-go-area.

Could you imagine?

What they heard about marriage has made them feel marriage is not for them. To some persons, the information they got about marriage has made them to always say ‘I’m not ready for steady quarrel’.

Yeah! This is actually one of the reasons why most young men and ladies marry late and some are not even married till date.

Marriage Is Bondage:

Another reason why people marry late is because they thought or perhaps felt that marriage is bondage. Most young persons are still single not because they don’t have all it takes to marry but because they had believed that marriage will restrict them. 

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In the year 2018, I got into a conversation with a young guy and I didn’t know what led me to ask him when he was going to get married. Guess what he said?

Could you believe that this young man said that marriage is never, and will not be a part of his agenda now. This answer caught my attention and it prompted me to ask him what his reason or reasons were.

He said that he’s not yet ready to be into any bondage or restriction. He said there is no need to be glued to just one woman where he can actually sleep around with series of young ladies even as a single.

Did you see his reason?

He doesn’t want to be glued to just one woman. He wants to be having access to different ladies. He sees marriage as bondage and a restriction box.

No Achievements:

This is an excuse of 90% men out there. They would always want to make the whole money on earth before they start talking about marriage.

Most young men and women said, until we’ve got so many achievements, marriage should wait. Listen to me; most men are entrapped into this. So many young men are still single at the age of 48 all in the quest of trying to achieving a lot before getting married.

Before they’ll realise what’s happening; they’ll become 55. Yet they’ve not achieved anything. No marriage, no achievement. I’ve stumbled upon a young lady who said marriage should wait until she has become so successful and super rich.

Peer Influence:

Every man and woman is influence-able. So many youths have been influenced by their peers and this is actually one of the major reasons why most people don’t marry early.

Let me throw more light on this!

If almost all your friends don’t talk about marriage, it’s obvious that you’ll sleep-in the slippery creek bank. Yeah! They are too busy and don’t even think nor mention marriage in your conversations, you’ll be influenced.

The quality of the friends you keep matters a lot. If you follow friends that always laments on marrying on time, it’ll become totally obvious that your mind-set will be built on such too.


I know what’s going through your mind right now. You’d say that this particular point is baseless. Hey! Hear this; dating is actually one of the reasons why so many aged individuals are still single. 

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Young lady listen to me; the moment you keep hanging around a young man all in the name of marriage, you’re indirectly pushing your marriage far from your sight. He has not proposed and you guys are busy parading the whole city. Other men who might be interested in you will definitely go a distance because they will believe that you’re not single whereas you’re 100 percent single.

Young man hear me, and hear well, that moment you stay glued with a young lady in the name of dating, you’re ignorantly tying down yourself to someone you’re not sure of ending up with.

You started dating Cynthia when you’re still 22 and now you’re s already 26. Between your 22 and 26, you’ve already dated about 4 different girls. Listen to me, don’t act married when you’re still single.

Unveiling this typically will not really give me joy I would have gotten while presenting this verbally. In summary of this section, dating is one of the reasons why most people end up marrying late.

Morally Bankrupt:

As a young lady, no man will propose to you if your character is 0%. As a young man also, no woman would ever accept your proposal if you’re morally down.

Yeah! One of the major reasons why most persons marry late is probably because their character and attributes had driven so many suitors and would-be wives away from them.

Looking For a Perfect Spouse:

Some ladies are very selective and their selectiveness has made most of them still unmarried till date. They’re seeking for a Mr Perfect. This case is similar to the men too.

They’re looking for a perfect sister to propose to. John started searching for whom to marry since 2015 and till date he’s still searching for the perfect sister.

You can never find any Mr or Miss Perfect anywhere. Not even in the western world, nobody is perfect. Because people are looking for a perfect spouse, they’ve remained unmarried for a couple of years.

This has made most of our brothers and sisters in the Lord go into late marriages.

It Could Be God’s Will for You:

Some persons are destined to marry late. Yeah! So one of the major reasons why most persons marry late is because they were destined for such.

So if it is God’s will for you to marry late, then it will certainly come to pass. I want you to know that God has a reason for doing anything He chooses to do.

Not Ready For Marriage:

Funny enough! This very case is common with our young ladies. About 70% of our young ladies would always say that they’re not ready for marriage. Excuse me! How can a girl of 25 say she’s not ready for marriage?

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Some come up with the excuse ‘’I’m still in school’’. Whereas most youths would always say, I need to enjoy life first.

This is actually one of the reasons why most young ladies marry late.

Looking For an Already-Made:

So many ladies are looking for an already made man and on the other hand, so many men are looking for an already made young lady. Some will still be in search on whom they want to marry in 10 years’ time because they’re looking for an already made spouse.

Listen; there may not be an already made sister or brother. Marry whom God is leading you to marry, and then make her or him.

Inability to Woo a Lady:

It is a pity that most of our brothers don’t know how to even approach a lady come to talk about wooing her. No matter how trained nor spiritual you are, if you don’t know how to approach a lady, you may end up losing her.

Wooing a lady is a skill; you’ve got to learn the tactics and probable build the competency. I’ll advice; you let your inner man to help you on this.

Under Some Witchcraft Influence:

Some many young ladies and men are under witchcraft influence and bondages. You’ll come to a home with about four beautiful girls, well cultured yet none is married.

This is actually one of the major reasons why many young girls are single. Some guys are under this influence too. They prefer keeping female friends than choosing to settle down.

Too Busy with Their Career, Jobs, etc:

So many youths are still busy with their career, busy with their office jobs, etc. when some is so career-oriented; he or she tends to become so busy that they wouldn’t even remember that they’re still single.

Imagine a young lady that is very busy with her job where she earns 2 million as her monthly salary. Such young lady wouldn’t even or may likely not talk about marriage.

Not Ready To Have Babies:

It is quite unfortunate that most men think that they’re due for marriage when they’re ready to start making babies. So the reason why they’re not yet is not that they are not rich, it’s not because they are too busy with their career and all that.

They are still single even at the age of 45 simple because they thought that marriage is only necessary in their life whenever they are ready to start having children. This is actually one of the major reasons why most young men marry late.


These are reasons why many young people in our dispensation marry late. Marriage is really a serious matter that needs to be treated with prior attention.

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