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Thank you for your interest in advertising on the LoBenTherapy, here, one can assure you one thing and that is; we have reasonable visitors and page viewers, not just page viewers nor visitors but rather, we can guarantee your satisfaction.

This is easily said and maintained probably because we have good and consistent visitors daily. Advertising your product, business, firm, personal attachments etc, here on our website will practically be a better and good idea.

You can equally reach out to millions of people by finishing the advertising processes which are necessarily required for this particular service.

We have three different types of advertisement specifications,
we have monthly adverts, daily and weekly adverts.
now on monthly adverts, you banner will be charged in due for monthly while the other is on weekly basis. then the last, will i say it's a kind of promo to our advertisers.


below are the recommendable advertisement banners will can offer you.

For 300x100 ad banner 

Monthly Estimates and Charges =N5,000 per month
Weekly Estimates and Charges = N1,250 weekly
Daily Estimates and charges = N172 on daily basis

For 300x250 ad banner

 Monthly Estimates and Charges = N15,000  per month
Weekly Estimates and Charges = N3,750 per weekly
Daily Estimates and Charges = N517 daily 

For 728x90 ad banner

Monthly Estimates and Charges = N50,000  per month
Weekly Estimates and Charges = N12,500 on weekly basis
Daily Estimates and Charges = N1,724 Daily


to get started with this or to complete the order, simply follow the below steps

  • design a banner of your choice. it should be strictly on our acceptable banner sizes. or you can contact our designers for you. note: payment for the service will be involved.
  • after that, send the banner and your ads type (day or week or month) to this below email
  • after that step, then wait for 24hours for your order to be reviewed.
  • check your email after 24hours to get it done.
thanks, LoBen Consult

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