Being Popular or famous is something every individual wants and tends to be curious about it especially when it has to do with social medias. Having known this, there are so many traits, attributes, skills and potentials needed in its actualization. In saying so, it means that you will need to posses some certain qualities so as to enroll in being popular on social Medias proper and there so many factors you ought to consider before doing so. Below are the candid measures to follow;

Social Media:

This seems to be the most important step we take in becoming Popular in the social media world. Realizing the platform that will be favorable for you is very important and should be very considerable. There are so many social Medias like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, MySpace, Vine, Instagram, Telegram, Skype and many others. It’s obvious that you might not enrol with all listed above but you are expected to join at least three among all. You need to choose the top rated among all. Putting your audience category also matters too, for example, if you want to talk about relationship and dating you wouldn’t want married men and women to be your followers but rather young guys and ladies.

Contents Attribute:

Will I say that your content or the kind of article you give your fans or followers determines how famous you are gonna be. When you don’t write good and funny articles, it’s obvious that you will begin to lose fans and followers count. You can post funny articles; you can tease but do not tease too much, always post an eye catching article.

Be Consistent:

This will tell the growth of your firm and popularity. Updating always will prompt more followers. Posting consistently and regularly enhances more readers, fans, followers and to come for more. With these, they will always come back to your timeline, profiles, details, blogs, website or more since they know that they will and must certainly see another article.

Never Back Down:

You know, obviously, at the start, you must definitely encounter low fan counts. People will always see your articles and updates uninterested at the beginning of the whole thing, but never back down, but rather see it as an avenue to drop more contents on your fan page or timeline as the case may be. At the beginning of every great thing today, there is always an initial failure. But you ability to remain focused and never backing down will work and contribute in making you famous too. Just follow these steps and see how you become a popular fellow.

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  1. God bless the writer of the article, am really in-love with it. i think am gonna apply it.

  2. Nice article, me too want to be famous o. I will definitely apply these. Thank you

    1. okay. you are welcome......thanks for stopping by


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