Germs indeed is the general source of diseases, it have being a serious problem in our world today. Before we continue, i will love to tell a story. John was a handsome and hard working man, who was diligence to his work, He was loved by many, and to crown it all, he had a bad attitude and that is eating anything he sees, this problem of his was noticed by his friend, and his friend always advice him to deviate from this attitude of his, but john paid duff eyes to his friend. One day john was sick and was admitted to the hospital, the doctor told john that he don’t think he will survive from his illness because the warms inside his belly have grown to be giant.. Huh! This was how Mr. john Ended his life.

1. Always wash you hands before eating- so many persons find it difficult to wash there hands before eating maybe because they are too hungry..hmm this ought not tube so because a lot of micro bacteria are found at the tips of your nails so not washing your hands before eating is not advisable because the micro bacteria’s will definitely enter your meal and from your meal to your always wash your hands before eating to avoid unnecessarily illness some micro bacteria’s also called germs.

2. After visiting the toilet, always wash your hands. Discoveries have shown about 60.6% of germs lives in the toilets, so have known this, it is so risky to use the toilets without washing your hands.

3. Don’t eat any fruit without properly washing them. Fruit are eatable substance which are exposed to germs, so it is ideal before taking or eating them, it should be properly washed with water and sometimes make use of salt to wash some fruits like carrot, cucumber, peer etc. The enzyme of this is just to avoid germs.

4. Always change your undies at least every day. Germs are comfortable in a dirty environment and knowing full well that after sweat comes out of our private parts, it than makes our undies to be dirty thereby creating a room for germs to dwell.. So we should always change our undies.

5. Always brush your teeth every morning before eating. The activates that goes on inside our mouth is cant be mentioned, so it is always wise that when you wake up from sleep you should brush your teeth before talking about food. Must persons just get up from the bed and the first thing they do is to eat. Now before you take that action pause and ask yourself this question" why is my mouth smiling after sleeping". You are convinced by your thoughts the better for you

Following this brief tips, you are about to live a germs free life thanks....


  1. Things that we ignore tend to affect us so much. Nice article you got there, people really need to know this. See effect of laptop heat to the body

    1. thanks Dr Balogun.. Yea, perople really need to know about this.

  2. Nice post
    Microorganisms that causes diseases are ubiquitous and we must really take care of the things around us especially the ones going into our system

  3. Microorganisms are ubiquitous and people need to take real care of the things around them especially the ones they take in


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