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Rather than advertising, a good many of persons choose to enrol in a sponsored post/s instead. Sponsored post or posts as the case may be, is relatively a medium of promoting ones business, personal affairs, websites, blogs, ideas and story etc. It could be in a diverse format.
The core reason to enroll for this very platform (sponsored post/s) is help our users promote their business and lots more, with the aim of getting a major turn-out and page views to their various platforms,
Here in Backtobacknaija.com, we can help you get through with it, we can sponsor your article and posts here.  We are reliably trusted among secured and powerful subscribers.

How Can I Get Started With This?

Submitting you posts to us is very easy but there are rules guiding this.


In submitting any article for publication here on our platform, applicants must strictly consider the following;
·        Your article/s should be minimum 400words and maximum to your choice.
·        Your article should be very easy to read.
·        Articles must be made on Microsoft Word or any other related software.
·        Article must have a good title.
·        Untrue articles are highly prohibited (Articles like how to pass your exams without studying).
·        Also, we expect your articles to be made by you or a professional or you can hire our freelancers for your writing projects. The reason is because we wouldn’t entertain any terms of plagiarism articles.
·        Hacking tutorials, tricks and lots more are highly prohibited here on this very platform.
·        Pornographic articles or any related article of such ar not welcomed here.


Just like we have variations of Advertisement, same is very much applicable hear too. Below are the rated estimates.
·        A Day-------------N300 (your article will be removed after a day)
·        One Week---------------N3000 (Your articles will last for one respective week)
·        Monthly----------------N30,000 (specifically, after one month, your article will be removed)
·        Forever-----------N50,000 (Your article will remain permanently on our platform. And you will keep on getting visitors.)


This does not require much procedure. All you need to do is to follow the steps below;
·        Submit your article to this email; Ambassadorbenson@gmail.com
·        Secondly, make sure that the subject of the email is “Sponsored Post”
·        After that, then wait for 24hours
·        After that, you will see the notification on how to finish the publishing process.

Very simply and it doesn’t require much procedure too. Thanks for your earnest time. Thanks.

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