Two Main Consequences of examination malpractice

 Examination truly is not the test of knowledge. So many persons that embark in examination malpractice don’t know that the future awaits them. Now talking about the word Hazards, it simply means dangers, consequences etc. Discoveries have soon that students who involve themselves into this mess called malpractice are sometimes forced by their peer group or even parents to do it and also so many persons have their own reasons for doing so. Below are the hazards of examination malpractice.
A wise saying says “you can’t eat your cake and have it back, so definitely the future awaits them. Indulging yourself in examination malpractice will and definitely affect your career someday and somewhere else.

    Sometime it leads to disgrace- think about getting help doing and examination and maybe you are called to defend, you see 99.6% will not defend WHY because they don’t really know what they wrote.. Hmm alone a fool writes what he doesn’t know so don’t blame me if i call those that are involved into examination BIG FOOLS at 40

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