On daily basis, people travel to and fro from one part of the country to another. Most can’t even do without it. Obviously, there must be a reason and that’s specifically what we are gonna talk about on this very article.
Most times I wonder if people can’t really stop travelling or if they could cope without travelling for at least for sometime or probably permanently. The hidden treasure about this very thing and believe will finally unveil itself after this article in full.

We just hope sincerely, after reading this very article, you’d get the several answers on the question “why do people travel?” enroll further on this article to get what you ever wanted.
Below are the reasons why it is so;


Believe with me that a good many of individuals today travel for the sake of their business. So many business men and women today, needs fresh goods which they probable purchase from a different area, local circumstance, states or even country. Because they want their businesses to grow, so they’d suffer such sacrifice to attain that height. So, having read this, I just hope that you’ll realize that one of the reasons why people travel is for the purpose of their businesses.


I have got several friends and relatives who travel with the main of studying. You can equally believe with me that one of the main reasons why people travel is for their educational purpose. A good number of my friends have all travelled probably because they got admission in several colleges and institutions. In addition to this, even in the scholastic manner, you’d realise that there are so many students who does not attend day school here in our local state. But rather, they prefer a boarding instead. So, just stick to the fact that education is one of the reasons why various individuals travel.


Wow, I can remember this; the last time my parents travelled was for even purposes. Most people travel for the purposes of such like wedding, seminars, camping, party, coronation, ordination etc. These events have prompted so many people to travel.


I will also like to elaborate on this particular issue regarding the reasons why major or lesser people travel. When people especially the less privileged live an environment they can’t cope with due to the high cost of living. Perhaps everything seems to be cost and expensive for them, they will be left with no other choice than to travel back to their local state of origin. Nowadays, this has been the main reason why people travel.


Also, you can agree with me that travelling gives you the opportunity to get out there and meet far more people than you would at home. Meeting and discovering new people is one of the most interesting benefits of travelling. You can find friends for life. People you meet while travelling usually become some of the most valued ones in your address book, giving you points on the map to visit. These folks give you a glimpse outside your hometown circle of friends, forcing you into new and refreshing perspectives on things in this world to explore.


This is a bitter truth. People mainly travel probably because they want to learn new languages. One of the most adorable moments of my Grandpa was at the northern part of our local country, and the reason is because he learnt another language added to the one he knew already.


A good number of us are not staying with our parents and from time to time, we would like to travel home to pay them the usual seasonal visit. It can be on the other side of the world or just in another country next to yours. No matter where they are you will want to visit them at some point or another. The great thing about family visits is not only that you get to catch up with loved ones you get to see how they live and get up close and personal with their new culture. These new cultures could also encourage you to explore different parts of the world yourself.


Just to break it down to you in a more scholastic attribute, wanderlust simply means to travel because you have the urge to. You may not have one particular factor that made you to travel or perhaps book a flight. All you know is that you want to travel and you want to travel NOW.


The burning desire to explore this world inside famous explores like Columbus still exists among travellers these days and If you’ll ask me; I’d rather say that life has no fun without adventures. With adventure comes excitement and total fun. By adventure we do not always mean to venture into the unknown but facing all the challenges instead of choosing a simpler path for destiny during an excursion. The need for adventure is imminent, travel lets you tap into it.


Wow, surprised? Is quite surprising that so many fellows don’t even know the meaning of what this bucket list really is. In a short note, bucket List is a list of places where one wishes to visit before death. Sometimes it’s good to have one, you will know better where to visit and where not to. Many of these bucket list sights are the main tourist attractions of a country.


Some people end up travelling for love. Be it a couple going on a honeymoon or just heading somewhere intimate to convey their passion for each other, seeking love has become the top reason why individuals go all out to far-flung areas. Romance motivates some of the travellers to take off on an airplane to go to a different country. One might be trying to woo the other person by travelling to a romantic destination such as Paris in order to impress and also enhance their romance being in one of the most romantic places on earth. Or maybe the two might be already in love and want to enjoy the atmosphere of a romantic city. For sake of affection people travel long distances to meet their love in case of long distance relationships.


You know, work seems to be the most common reason for which people travel. There are jobs that need an employee that travels from places to places. It’s up to him if he is able to make this official tour an office cum leisure trip. Hope that I have been inspirational enough and provide you with enough reasons to make you pack your bags next time you feel like a break.


The memories you will make are enough to last you a life time, what better way to enjoy these memories than with friends. Planning a holiday with friends can be a great way to say goodbye before heading off to college/university or just a great thing to do together as something you will always remember. I mean who wouldn't want to travel from country to country relaxing of different beaches every day with your best friend. I know I would.


Obviously, most people travel probably because they wanted to experience a new climate change. Depending and staying on one atmospheric weather condition isn’t just enough, checking out other conditions is also necessary.


Travelling can be the best way to take some time out and be with your woman and kids. This would bring the family further close together and there won’t be any complaints from family members further up about family time.


This might sound very foolish, but I tell you, majority of people travel with the main aim of seeing new things. But I tell you now, there was I particular time in my life when I travelled to camp with the motive of seeing new things from what I have been seeing. So believe me, seeing new things is a genuine reason why most persons travel.


Wow, this is very interesting in fact; this was one of the reasons why I travelled with one of my siblings some time ago. So believe when I say that this could prompt someone to travel.


Living in one place for a long time (or all your life) can lead you to believe that everyone else has the same customs and habits. Venturing out to other countries with different cultures to yours can be really eye-opening. The ways in which people live throughout the world are truly fascinating.


Also, travelling allows individuals to see the world through his/her own wider lens. In this way we can appreciate it and the point of view changes because the mass media portrayed a different image. Seeing it for yourself brings a healthy dose of reality to your so-called higher thinking. Getting a new perspective or image is one of the most rewarding aspects of travel. It’s important to know the reality and that can be achieved only through travel. Someone else’s opinion may differ on a place and you can have a totally different experience for the same place. Whether you go a state over or halfway around the world, what you experience outside your daily world will help you see that there is much more to do in life than what is on your to-do list.


We’ll always say that all work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Well similar is with case of travel. All work is not a decent factor; one needs a holiday in between. People ought to go away from the stress of daily life, and a pleasant sunny location with a beach. The stress of daily life is replaced with thoughts of where you want to sight see, what you’re going to eat, whether to hit the beach and what kind of souvenirs to take home. After earning a living some like to spend some of of that hard earned money to unwind and revitalize the body and the mind. It may be a destination of their preference in their own country or a foreign country. Some travel just to relax body and mind and have a tendency of visiting to same place again and again. Being away from home helps your mind and body reboot and restart in such a way that is not possible at home.


"I'm too hot" or 'It's too cold". Lots of people travel simply to escape the climate they experience on a daily basis. People who live in colder climates race to the sunshine to top up their tans and countries which are constantly hot may travel to places to try activities such a skiing which they could not do in their home country.


When travelling the world, you are constantly in contact with people. Whether they are locals or tourists, you will need them, and they will need you. Initially it may be very hard, but over time you will become better at talking to strangers and making new friends.


Boredom is something that will inevitably show its head when you are out and about, travelling the world. However, it is up to you how that boredom affects you. There are always many different things you can do to never be bored, and on your travels you will discover how to get rid of boredom.


People of different tribes and local circumstances especially students, in a while got some project to run outside their residential address and this could be done through the means of travelling. So writing a project involves travelling and it’s one of the reasons why people travel.


“Health is Wealth” well people do follow this quotation and make trips to distant places where treatment is better or cheap depending on individual’s priorities. Travel can certainly heal and if you have lost a loved one or just got out of a heart-breaking relationship, sometimes being in a new place with lots to distract you can work wonders, or one can go in a serene and calm location which can have a soothing effect on mind. When travelling there’s always time to reflect on your own life and experiences. It’s a great way to get lost and let your mind wonder.

So with these reasons, I just thought that you are convinced of the reasons why people travel. 

Obviously, writing this article is really wonderful and quite innovative and also, it’s a kind of informative.

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This article was personally written by PROFESSOR BENSON


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