Destructive Habits of Misguided Teenager

5 Destructive Habits You Should Avoid

Every human being has one habit or the other and habit formation is universal among humans irrespective of color, race and religious affiliation. 
Habits do occur throughout one’s life span and some habits are not noticed by the various individuals that practice them until such behaviors are noted by others. 
Habits could be good or bad (destructive). Habits can be any activity, ranging from daily eating of food to sleeping.

The term ‘habit’, is said to be derived from the Latin word “Habitus”. Habit as a noun is an acquired behavior pattern observed regularly in an individual until it becomes almost involuntary in simple term, a habit can be seen as the usual way of behaving (something an individual does often in a regular or a repeated manner.
For instance, looking at both sides of the road before crossing could be said to be a habit, brushing your teeth after each meal is also a perfect example of a habit. Habit also means exhibiting some behavior through repetition and compulsion, howbeit often unconsciously. 

In summary, habit is repetition of a particular behavior overtime.
A destructive habit is a behavior that hurts oneself or others. Destructive habits could be deliberate or out of impulsion (force), and could be mild or severe. These destructive habits are among teenagers and youths (ranging from 13 and above).
Many psychologists have listed various and several destructive habits among humans, young people in particular according to their various local circumstances. However, many destructive habits cut across geographical location, races, religious affiliation and educational status of environments. Some common destructive habits found among teenagers in our society include the following;


5 Destructive Habits You Should Avoid

Some young people often think that they cannot do well in life, and often feel inferior and defeated in life.


5 Destructive Habits You Should Avoid

This destructive habit is very common among youths of today such as bullying, outright fighting and other misbehavior.


5 Destructive Habits You Should Avoid

Many youths are engaged in sexual intercourse which is normally meant for married people. This is a destructive habit, particularly in this era of incurable Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS)  which is no respecter of any person, young or old.


5 Destructive Habits You Should Avoid

Stealing simply means getting something that belongs to someone else without permission of the owner and without the intention to return such items. This particular habit is very common among teenagers and youths  and it occurs on daily basis at home, school, church and society at large. Most young people steal just anything from pencil picking pieces of meat from their mothers’ pots. Others steal money, clothes mobile phones etc.


5 Destructive Habits You Should Avoid

Laziness is idleness or doing nothing when one is supposed to act or be alive. It is a very destructive habit common among youths of today. Even when this is very necessary or when they are left with no option, they still insist on remaining lazy and doing nothing to help matters.

Well having known all these, we just thought that you’d change and try to live to excel in your endeavors.

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