Here in our country (Nigeria), Independence Day is a national holiday that celebrates the country's declaration for Independence from the great Britain. Locally, many people here in our local Country celebrate this day with parades and joyous celebration.

Most times, people or even family go out on a date on this very day being 27th of October. Celebrating this really matters, but here; what really matters is how can we make it memorable and unforgettable.

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Here on this content, we are gonna expose to you, some useful facts and information on how to make your Independence day memorable;


Some citizens choose to wear clothes that have the Nigerian flag design on them, or even choose to wear the green, white and green. You can have a lot of fun trying to look as patriotic as possible using just these colors.

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Like i have always said, many families including the average, throw parties on such Celebrations. In fact, majority of personalities here in Nigerian throw a memorable party to enjoy this Holiday.


If you have children, it's an ideal time to make crafts together to celebrate the day.
Make a Nigerian Flag Lapel Pin.
Make a Homemade Paper Weight and paint it with patriotic designs and colors.
Make a Greeting Card and use a patriotic theme and colors to design the cover and contents.
Make a Yarn Wreath using patriotic yarn colors.
Make a Glowing Star Lamp in patriotic colors and hang up at your celebratory party.


Both on the 1st of October and the days around it, there will be a number of festivities, fireworks displays, and other fun you can join in depending on where you live. It's best to check your local municipality's website, or the site of event organizers for exact details. 


Apart from throwing a party for this celebration, families can as well go out on a date to enjoy themselves. Perhaps visiting a tourist center, Going on shopping etc can serve as remedies for this in particular.

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