On several occasions, most category of persons especially bloggers are lazy and because of that, they choose to copy other bloggers articles instead and perhaps make come necessary changes to it in other for it not to look the same. Now when they most have edited this article, they claim to be the original writer of the article whereas they copied and edited it.
I just remembered this on previous occasions when most of my documents and articles where tampered by my visitors which I know that so many of my readers today found themselves in equivalent cases like mine and otherwise. If I had known this for a very long time, I could have done nothing that to secure my articles.
Now having known this, our team has finally brought an end to that especially when it has to do with documents and PDF extensions which is mostly used by freelancers and genuine bloggers on Microsoft word. Now, for you to disable changes to your articles you need to read further to the tutorial in full details. The essence for this is to disable bloggers, freelancers and individuals from making changes or writing and article you originally made. This means that nobody can make changes to your articles.
Before we get started, a Document can otherwise be called or known in a simple and short-listed format which is Docx (mostly with variable file extensions such as Jpeg, Pdf etc).
You can us document protection to help restrict others from changing the format of your document or article.
Simply follow these steps one by one to get this;
Click on the review tab.
Now after this step, or when you must have clicked on the review tab, now click on the “Protect Document
When you are done with that, now you will need to click on Restrict Formatting and Editing
Now after that, tick on limit formatting to a selection of styles
After this, then click on yes, start Enforcing Protection
After that, you will see a pop up, protection method; password.
Now after that, insert your desired password and confirm it as well. Click on OK when you are done.
I hope with this, you have mastered this easiest way of restricting and keeping your articles safe.  

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