Entertainment as we all know is one of the best and hardest jobs recognized in the world at large. Tirelessly, every day, night after night entertainers ensure putting themselves together and with the ultimate hope of performing in a stage evoking an emotional response to the audience. Stage performance is not something that an entertainer can suddenly graduate from or be improved over time. Meanwhile, most performers are natural gifted with the gifts and suddenly exhibits good performance on stage.

Now, I will be teaching you how to become a good stage performer or will I say a good entertainer. So let’s rock on;


Audience are always impatient and can’t really wait to see what you got to offer. By saying so, you will need to understand that they are very judgemental. So for you to be reckoned as a good entertainer, you will have to think of something probably a joke or something else so as to capture the attention of your audience because the is your first impression and it plays a very big role in making you a good stage performer.


 The reasons people go see performers is to be entertained. It’s not entertaining to see a performer going through the motions – audiences want to see performers living out their dreams and leaving it all on the stage. If you come offstage and you’re not exhausted, then you still had more to give. Smile! Try putting Vaseline on your teeth to keep your teeth from sticking to your lips. 

The more comfortable you get with your performance or routine, the easier it will be for you to have fun Improvise something new every time you perform - this will keep your performance from feeling stale. Don’t bottle your enjoyment up inside – let it out and share it with your audience. They want to live vicariously through you.


Of course your praises and credits wouldn’t come from you, so, satisfying your audience in other to make them your fan and them also making you their favorite too. You will have to kill your pride, waste your time, initiative etc just to satisfy your audience. Before they make your famous and popular, you seriously need to come with something to make them satisfied.


The end of your show is the last thing your audience will remember, so it's important to end your performance with a bang. If you plan on having an encore, make sure you prepare for it ahead of time.


 Look at your set list and edit one to two things out Know when it’s time to wrap up – sometimes it’s better to end the show early than to prolong something that people clearly aren’t enjoying. If your venue has a curfew, be respectful of that. Be cognizant of time and don't run over. thanks.

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