Their wedding was glorious and well honored by friends and family. Few year later sister Grace conceive and bear a son, her husband heart was filled with joy while sharing the news to his friends.

5 years later, the clash, misunderstanding, wrong counselling and divorcement. Presently sister Grace is penniless, abandoned by friends/family (advisers) and only surviving from the peanut often send by his Ex-husband for his son upkeep.

"Ifeanyi was a caring and lovely husband. But i push him to the wall while adhering to wicked counselor's. Oh, i really push him too hard but i still love him" says sister Grace.

This reflects the degree of folly and ignorance in which many women find themselves, and the degree of seduction in which many Children of God find themselves and allow themselves to be caught in the trap of Satan and his agents, by getting inside the marriage itself before they begin to reflect on what marriage really is.


Most often, it is after the wedding that sisters will begin to ask themselves whether they are ready for marriage. You even find some lazy Pastors who bless marriages and when problems arise among the couples, they tell them that they were not ready for marriage, or that it was not the will of God.

However, before thinking of marriage, before praying to meet a partner, you must first ask this question: “AM I READY FOR MARRIAGE?"

Hence it's important to sit down first and seek to understand the meaning of "MARRIAGE", meditate deeply on the teaching on marriage, and weigh the cost before committing yourself. It's a real danger to allow oneself to be solely carried away by sexual desires. Knowing fully well that after the fleeting of sexual pleasures, begin the difficulties of marriage life, difficulties that are unfortunately not fleeting.

Being ready for marriage is an extremely important element. Since God is against divorce and against re-marriage, every person before committing themselves to getting married must make sure they are ready to bear all the responsibilities related to marriage and to bear the many difficulties including the unforeseen surprises and frustrations.

Marriage is not a joke, it is not a place of leisure and pleasure. Marriage is a life, a cross. It is the school par excellence of self denial. Marriage is a prison that is not often called by its name. And as you know that the very nature of prison is the loss of freedom, also know that getting married is to give up voluntarily and totally one’s freedom.

Therefore, before committing yourself to marriage you must be conscious of this fact and so prepare consequently. As a lady thinking of marriage, you must make sure that you're ready to "submit your self" to a man in all things, even when you're not happy.

You must make sure that you are ready to serve a man as your Lord because man doesn't need your love. Yes; you heard me right and i will employ you desist from that olden slang or expression of "heh honey i love you" because inwardly those words can't win his heart.


A man doesn't want respect but rather "NEED" it. A man doesn't need love and no where in the Bible does ever say "A woman should love a man" It doesn't exist in the scriptures because a man doesn't need love.


It's simply because a man need "respect". A man interprets respect as love. However when a lady tells me she loves me, honestly it doesn't mean anything to me because it doesn't move or prick my heart — Men can bear witness to this fact.

However when you respects me as a man, then i will affirmed that you truly love me. Ephesians 5:22-25 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord; Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it"

The scriptures tells the man to love a woman and it never tells the woman to love the man. But it does say wives respect your husbands in that same chapter because God knows what he made. So the major problem to you ladies now is "WHAT IS RESPECT?

Just look at you! You still got the meaning wrong and that is reason you're still not married. You always X-ray in your heart about the type of man you needed but never took time to examined what does that same man needed from"you"


The Word respect means "to speak highly of. To hold in high regard. It also means to praise and an average man always gets zero praise. It's reality and very dangerous.
Do you know what often hurts the husbands in the church?

You always respect your pastor more than him — Please you're not married to your pastor.
Though it can be tough sometimes to praise or respect your husband but it's a commandment in which you must obliged. Even if your husband isn't the ideal man, you're suppose to help him to be that!

Probably he doesn't know how to search the scripture faster as you, but don't just sit down there and says "let have devotions", then again you said to him, "why can't you find the book of Philippians?

Heh; you're not helping that man but rather demeaning his ego. You're destroying his pride. No wonder he doesn't do morning devotions again.
I mean, you're supposed to buy him a bigger Bible.

You ought to help him and when he can't find it , tell him, "Honey i know you could. Am going to wait until you find it honey because i don't know where it's myself. Just go right ahead honey. Yes, you can find the Book of Philippians. Come on honey, yes, you got it honey, yes sir, now let's go to Chapter 4 verse 13. Honey, yes, now read it and i am going to believe every words you says".

Many lady often expect marriage to be so easy. You expect it to be a world of roses and laughs and perfect moments that you find only in movies. You expect your man to always say the right thing, and always know exactly how you feel, or exactly how to react to it.

You expect him to calm you down when you’re yelling or to chase you when you run away.
You expect so much that you feel entirely, utterly defeated when something doesn’t exactly match up with all your plans. But that’s the thing, marriage isn't a plan but rather the ability to reasons, preview and immediately reconstruct every broken bridge or leakage and it begins with YOU (wife).

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