You’d probably ask; does Nigerian bloggers make mistake? Getting you clarified on this thread, we will vividly talk about it as we roll-on together.
In Nigerian, there are lots of blogs and perhaps bloggers too inclusively the new and the old time bloggers who blog, surf the net with maximisation of getting their audience informed. Of course there is no blogger who wouldn’t want to update his/her blog. 

This could base on their niche; this is to say that they keeps a keen eye on their niche related blogs and sources to get the most trending information which they convey to their readers, for instance; if your blog niche is music, you are expected to follow-up premium and music sources in other to get the latest music trends.

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Now here on this, we will look into some mistakes Nigerian bloggers fall into. They might be pro-bloggers (professional bloggers) or perhaps new as the case may be. Even the upcoming bloggers too fall victims of this great fallacy.
There are so many Mistakes Nigerian Bloggers Fall Into and by the reason of this thread, we’ll get to comprehend them each in and to the best of understanding.


One of the common mistake Nigerian bloggers fall-into is wrong hosting company. There are so many host companies in and outside Nigerian. Some examples of these companies are Wordpress, Hostgator, Blogger, Joomla,Namecheap, Whogohost, Godaddy, Wapka, Bluehost etc. These are some examples of blog/site hosting companies. Now still on this, one of the mistake Nigerian bloggers make is choosing the wrong blog/site hosting company for their blogs or sites. Is this necessary? Yes it is, for example, any bloggers who wants to open a forum can’t possibly use blogger or related. The victim should go for a forum hosting company or any other host that can allow forum plugin without putting its site at stake. Now this is one of the mistakes they make


It is obvious that many Nigerian bloggers are dealing with the wrong niches. They do niches which they can’t maintain. This is one of the problems with our Nigerian bloggers today; they go into niches probably because they saw their fellows on it. For you to be a good blogger, the founder of your blog ministry starts from your choice of niche. While choosing a niche, make sure you choose a niche that you can write very well or a niche you have more than average knowledge on it. Don’t do niche because others are doing it.


Of course you wouldn’t know unless someone is there to tell you. A wrong blog name is one of the major mistakes found among Nigerian bloggers. On this in particular, Nigerian bloggers fail to choose a blog name (domains) that is related to their niche. For example; you blog name should related to what you will be specialising on. It would be a big fallacy if I write about health then I choose a blog name to be updatednaija or naijaupdates. This is to say that our blog name should relate to our blog contents and specialisation.

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Millions of Nigerian bloggers are victims of this very circumstance. One of the main reasons why they do such is because they don’t know the deduction and they have become addicted to it probably because of laziness. Only few bloggers here in Nigeria writes clean and plagiarism free articles, while others will plagiarise and the rest will do direct copy and pasting. The moment the stop copy posts from other blogs; marks the beginning of the quality content they will produce.


There are different kinds and types of host plans ever known, a free host plan and a paid hosting. Now on this, many Nigerian Bloggers prefer this so called free host plan hereby getting fewer features on their admin dashboard. Because of this, they wouldn’t be exposed to some features they would have gotten if they had invested into a paid hosting plan. 


Copying image from other blogs was one of the mistakes I actually did when I got started with blogging. The same goes to most bloggers here in Nigeria. Copying and pasting other blog posts is quite different from copying images from other blogs. Too bad that many Nigerian bloggers don’t know that their blog images ranks the same way their posts does. Copying image without downloading and uploading it to your blog will definitely affect your blog SEO and rankings and this is one of the mistakes many Nigerians bloggers does.


Publishing of fake story/lies is one of the most dreadful mistakes made by many Nigerian blogger. Will I say this is majorly found among news and entertainment bloggers. Imagine when a so called blogger will get fake news published on his/her blog just to get content readers without even considering the it’s readers. Do you enjoy giving them a fake content, making them believe untrue story, getting them informed with fake news? I am specifically writing this out of my own experience, I have seen several Nigerian bloggers doing this same dame so called mistake. Fake stories and articles will end up killing your site, so stop it if you do such.


Actually, I’d say that 60% of Nigerian bloggers got started with the impression of making money. This is to say that they blog for money sake and has waited perhaps for a very long time and the money didn’t come, he’ll have no other option rather than doing the otherwise (Employing laziness into blogging etc). As a blogger, I’ll advice you to see blogging as your core passion rather than making it a business. They money will actually come when you invest your times, brain etc. THANKS.


I know many of you will ask or perhaps necessary when I had already talked about blogging for passion rather than making it a business ventusre. To get you clarified on this, impatience here isn’t for money tray or aspect. But you will agree with me that so many Nigerian bloggers have already quitted from blogging probably because when their blog gets few page-view count or when their site/blog doesn’t seem to be ranking on any searching engines/s.
I have come across a Nigerian blogger who stopped blogging because fewer page-view count. So for you to be a successful Nigeria blogger, you will need to exercise patience because “it takes longer time for your blog to be a perfect one”. 


There are so many Nigerian bloggers out there who are left with the motive of competing with other (bloggers precisely); leaving behind their site growth and rankings. Many bloggers here in Nigeria blog with the impression of doing better than Mr A. 
I am not trying to say that you shouldn’t aspire to do better than others or something related to that. What am actually trying to say here is; enmity born while trying to compete with other bloggers. So better invest the time you would use in competing with others to attain a greater height in blogging.


Here comes another mistake found among Nigerian Bloggers. Many Nigerian Bloggers post spam comments on other blogs in order to get back-links or perhaps get their site/blog known. Where other genuine Nigerian Bloggers are busy soliciting for guest posts, featured posts etc in other to get back-links. 
In an article where opinions are mostly needed; there you’ll find such spam comments, and this is one of the mistakes found among Nigerian bloggers. For instance, instead of them to contribute in an out-rising article; they will prefer 
commenting something like this “VISIT MY SITE/BLOG FOR MORE INFO” Dropping their site/blog link on it too. This is one of the greatest mistake many Nigerian bloggers make, thanks.

Was this article really helpful? Or do you have any suggestion or perhaps a related question based on this? Feel free to give me a feedback using the comment box via the comment section. Thanks. 

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