The word relationship can be define differently based on your perception but personally i regards relationship as a union which bond two separates individual who has decided to tied the knot in marriage and not the opposite side which is often or grammatically known as dating or boys/girls friendship.

However i believe in the notion of been friendly (outside the box), not emotionally attached or putting an opposite sex in emotional trauma or jeopardy due to baseless affirmative or affectionate promises.

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I believe in class room-friendship where both party discussed and share about individual life experiences, family background, health statues and daily activities and not been emotionally attached, yet keep praying unto God for his perfect will or divine direction that will leads to the rightful or perfect will partner in marriage.

There is an adage that infer "the right person to get marry unto is your best friend" and a popular highlife musician (promoter) in Nigeria once sang and said "while making friends, ensure you makes the good ones because of marriage"

Presently i have built severally friendship and mostly with the female folks because preparing for marriage is a journey which need serious commitment and attention. In all these friendship empire i cultivated were all based on class-room friendship.

It's a place where i take a keen study at individual lives, keep accessing them and patiently waiting unto God for his divine direction because in most occasion God always suggest those closer unto us as his perfect will in marriage and rarely not on strangers.

However i often feel displease to behold some bachelors who always goes around dispatching marriage proposal to single ladies as if marriage is bread & beans. That is what i called "nonsensetical-nonsense arising from mental disorder".

You dare not tender a marital proposal or expressed your lustful or emotional feelings to a lady whom you are not devotedly certain or not yet assigned by God unto you as a life partner. That is ignorant and demonized attitude because it's only spiritual husband often does that.

Please Bro; desist from such nonchalant attitude and calmly be yourself. You don't need to approach a lady in such ungodly tense before she will accept or welcome you into her life as a friend.

If you don't know what to gist or discuss with her, though you likes her character and wish to marry her someday based on God's approval but presently you still want to keep her closer to you while awaiting God's approval. You can simply does that by upgrading yourself.

You need to upgrades yourself by trying to earn her "TRUST" because that is top 5 secret code to win the heart of any lady on this planet . You need to study her personal characters and learn how to fit thereby.

You can check my previous post or for evident because that is lecture for another day. But i strictly advice you ceased and cut-off from the wicked act of putting our sisters under emotional trauma because their heart is very fragile and can easily be capture by WORDS.


However when the Lord eventually approved her you can proceed over to the church marriage committee, inform them about your plan and tender you marriage proposal to her. That is the exact moment to lavish and pronounced all the lovely quotes and idiom under the deep blue sea upon her.

That is the appropriate moment to inform her how you felt about her, how you ate a cockroach that fell inside you food while thinking about her, perhaps how an incoming vehicle nearly knock you down while pondering about her gorgeous beauty.

That is right moment to sent her love text, messages, chat, love letter and wholly expressed your affectionate loves to her. You are free to use any grammatical or jargons loves quotes on her. E.g;

"Hello; the sweety potatoes of my heart desire. The jungle triangle and rainbow color of my brain. The twinkle-twinkle stars and tingling bell of my anus. The heavenly paradise and companionship of my Christian race. The awe of beauty and the iroko tree behind God's throne in Heaven; How are you doing today?

Honestly, you are the yogurt in my tea and the doughnut in my coffee. You are the butter of my heart and the cream of my skin. The undiluted love i have toward you has melt away all the pains and suffering i ever incur in life.

I glorified the name of the Almighty for carving such a boom-boom and jolly-jolly awe of beauty lady like you. You're more sparkly than Gold in which only my love can purchase. You're more radiant than Diamond in which only my caring can discovered and mined.

You're more precious than all rubies, pearls and stones under the sea-bed which only my eyes can behold. You're gorgeous and powerfully decorated in an Heavenly arrays of beauty and no woman can ever replaced you in my life. Even my mother doesn't possessed such tantalizing moi-moi beauty like you.

You are more sparkly than twinkling stars and more radiant than the bright morning sunshine and i promise to lavished my entire love upon your rosy soul. I shall empty my bank accounts to satisfy all your material needs.

And i promise to cares and gives you all the attentions you ever desire in this world. I will always be there with my erasing smile to hearken unto all your crayons complains and worries and use my smiling eraser's to erased them off because your love has captioned my oesophagus.

Do you know that ever since your love chocked my lungs, i have been struggling in breath? This is reason why am pleading on my knee, you should approved my marital proposal so that i would find it ease to breath freely.

Presently i don't even know if i would survive till next week because i can feels a strange movement within the nerves and tubes in my heart. My heart pulse is beating around 200-300 per minute instead of the normal 100's beat.

Please my dear sunshine beauty, kindly accept me into your life and i shall crown you the Queen of my magnificent empire. You shall become the mother of nation and my unborn children and you shall never see sorrow in Jesus name.


I believe as a bachelor you have grabbed one or two points in this write-up because there are standard principles and godly ways to approach everything in life. You don't go around and start distributing marriage proposal or sharing your affectionate love to a lady without acknowledgement of Church marriage committee.

That is a suicide mission. Frankly you don't love that lady and neither cares about her because you are ignorantly imprisoning her heart. She is a fragile element who needs a careful approach. You need to be very careful while chatting or discussing with her because every of your WORDS always counts.

They are instantaneously documented in her medulla oblagata. And she always ponder over them while in a lonely corner as a cow chewing her cord.

Lastly, when she finally approved your marriage proposal please you need to watch-out, devote seriously in prayers, caution yourself with self-control because the spirit of lust always operates silently. It's more silent that silence and you must be on safe-side because she is now under your watch.

You don't need to keep battling her with much loves quotes or words. She is already yours and the best thing to enact in such moment while in courtship is to lecture her about the word.

I mean the "WORD OF GOD" and not the "word of loves". That is the moment to feed her all the scriptures knowledge and spiritual experience you have acquired and keep studying her character.

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Remember the purpose that brought both of you together. You are both teachers and definitely going to learn from one another. You need to treat your relationship as a precious gift. This gift will tend to keep you steady and pushing you to want more of it.

And whenever you have disputes or conflict arises i want you to look at the whole scenario and try to grow-up. See it as an lesson because God purposely propelled her to manifest such ugly character which she has been cancelling from you, in order for you to learn, endure, tolerates and overlooks or break-out from the relationship and call it a quit because a broken courtship is better than a wrong marriage.

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