If you truly love and cares for someone but doubtful if he/she is going to stick a round as life partner, please don't strangled yourself with emotional trauma but kindly maintain your peace because if he/she is truly God's perfect will it will certainly comes back to you.

You don't need to help God while planning for marital engagement. He doesn't need your assistant in picking or selecting a perfect will partner. You can only preview him/her based on outward appearance but spiritually blinded in futurology views. The Lord is mighty and definitely knew the genealogy of such person and hates to behold you suffocate in regrets in wrong choice.

When it comes to marital connection you ought to bury your permissive will or whatever documented personal desire in your dairy and faithfully succumbed unto God's perfect will. Though God Perfect wills might look foolish but definitely the best offer you can get.

And mysteriously and miraculously the Lord will certainly connects you to his prefect desire and it's left for you to either embraced or reject the offer but the Lord always knew what is best and perfect for you. Though it might take a while to be connected but it worth waiting!

However if such person refuse to manifest or neither show any interest for relationship or tend to decline your marriage proposal then she isn't yours and you don't have to kill yourself because there are still thousands of Godly products, already made and ready to be connected to their rightful and faithful partners.

Nevertheless you don't have to enslaved yourself with High Blood Pressure or thoughtful just because of obstructions or delays in marital connection but rather be hopeful, thankful and cheerful because the best Godly product is already on it way.

There is need to keep making or building godly friends around you or through social media. You patiently needs to endured and keep making godly friends, be interactive, lively and jovial because someday you shall received godly ministrations and when it comes, as a brother you won't have to struggle with your marital proposal because you have already established a moral foundation through friendship.

As it often says "the best person to marry is your best friend" because God is wonderful in nature and he often used those around us to make an impact while blessing us. In most cases he seldom used strangers while exhibiting his works but rather closed relations.

So always raise up your head; keep your eyes focused and your ear attentively. Always portrayed godly character, be trust worthy, truthful, cheerful and friendly to everyone because the Lord is presently constructing some divine marital connections through those built friendship.

Personally it often displeased me whenever i sight unpleasant attitude of some sisters. They lack what i called “Environmental Building". Most of them don't knew how to interact effectively while making godly friends that might possibly leads to marriage.

Systematically if you interview some folks who recently got wedded about the chemistry reaction that took place before tying their marital knot as married couple, you will discovered that about 80-90% of them got connected to their life partner through godly friendship or social media, by cultivating and building up such friendship on cheerfulness, honesty and inter-activeness.

So, kindly eschew the mentality of segregation, shyness or none outspoken and keep on building and networking with new friends. Presently i have several uncountable friends around the globe because i always give them the opportunity to expressed themselves and see if they would be able to fit around my context.

Moreover whenever the Lord wants to instruct or blessed you he is likely going to uses those friends to remember or connects you into marriage because God isn't a magician but a perfect creator and designer of nature.

Don't expect God to drop your future life partner from the sky. Though nothing is impossible with God but he always love to works with natural principles known as "growth'. So try to expand or widen your friendship growth and gives everyone that generous opportunity to prove themselves because what goes around always comes around.

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