Type of Girls You Shouldn't Get Married To

The Bible says he that find a wife find good thing right? that means if you don't find a wife you will find a bad thing

here are the types of girls you should never get married to all else you want to cry later.
Women a blessed but when you meet the bad ones as a man it is hell for you.
 so here are the types of girls you should never dream to marry
  1. Ladies that value are bestie more than you. this set of people will always celebrate their bestie and put them first in all they do. you have nothing to gain in the relationship or marriage because her beatie will get all her attention more...
  2.  Ladies that is not Okay with the little you do: Wow I know you have my attention right? The moment you are in a relationship with this set of girls please run for your life, because they will still leave you for more.
  3. I don't care type of ladies, yes this set will never say sorry when they are wrong they will get hurting your feelings
  4. Ladies with too many male friends:  If a lady truly loves you she will protect and make you number 1 in her life, She'll stay away from other guys so you can get all the attention you want from her

  There are more but I will advice you to keep visiting for moradvisee updates from us, yes from us we love you. 

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