In the world currently, there is a word that has being discovered by great man that a man should not joke with. This word is attractive but dangerous. 

Here comes the question, what is the word. Well you are opportune to come across this article today because after going through it, you will have a change of mind. The powerful word is sin. This word called sin is so powerful a deadly, you could imagine that this word that destroy a man in the twinkly of an eye.

So many persons have experienced this word gave it differs definition. 

Some call it Satan identity number, while others say it’s simple instructions neglected; wow some said its Satan in charge now. 

All these differs definitions where given by some great men who experienced it and said it should be called such. Never forget the wise saying that says experience is the great teacher. 

Now as the Holy Spirit inspired to me, i will like to share with you all the mysteries about sin. 

From the word sin, we have three letters word being S.........I........N. We will discuss about these words gradually. 

Letter “S” 

It stands for serpent, so when you are living in sin, a demonic sin is living or dwelling in your heart. Never forget, talking about physically serpent, you all know it is poisonous and harmful. That is why those who are victims of sin; there heart is being poisoned by the demon of “s”. So be wonder when a man is living in a particular sin, he will be afraid to preach or rebuke those who are also committing that sin because spiritually, he does not want to expose the demonic serpent in his heart.

The second letter “I”

it stands for a demon, the work of this demon is that it will makes you to be comfortable in sin, you will not see sin as a bad thing but mean while you will think you are living right with god. So many persons who are living in sin are comfortable with because they also see it as something which they ought to do. You could imagine, some persons lie just to get money; some even kill just for the sake of being happy. This demon, makes there conscience not to judge because their hearts are polluted. 

I will tell you a story. A young guy, who had no money, was looking for all means just to get money, so he meant a friend of he’s who had money and pleaded with him to teach him the way he made his money, so his friend smiled and said don’t worry what are friends for, i will help you. The following day, his friend took him to place where he was told to sacrifice his only mum. The young fellow obeyed because the demon “i” who makes the victims of sin to see SIN as something which is good; he stupidly agreed and killed this only mum just for the quest of money. 

Deliberating on this story, so many persons will say the guy is a fool, while some will say he’s so wicked but i want you to know, that it was not his fault but because of the demon “I” who lived in him, coupled with “s” that poisoned his heart.. 

The letter “N”

Is a demon, it works is o make you run away from god. Don’t forget when a man is far from God, that man is as good as nothing. 

Finally there is a good news for all my readers, the lord Jesus is ever ready to take away your sins, don’t forget, he died on the cross for you and I, run to Jesus now to save your soul from hell fire, hell is a place of sorrow & pains. 

Thanks God is with you all......... 

Please dear reader, don’t you think that it’s about time that you leave sin? Do you wish to commence and continue to live in darkness? Hell awaits all who habitat sin. Think.



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