Three things that cause the down fall of a man

 The way to success is not easy at tall although we strive to be great but indeed so are so many things that bring a man down. It is not falling that matters but your next step after your failure that really matters. 2 things that bring a man down are:


 Our environment really matters on our way to success, it either affect you negatively or positively. About 70% of men whose future are JEOPARDIZED are as a result of the Environment they find themselves. Bad environment definitely affects our life negatively so be careful of the environment you are into.

Opposite Sex (Women)

Discoveries have shown that women are still a great factor that brings a man down. Talking about so many great men failures were as a result of the kind of women they were it. Take for an instance, you earn 20,000 as a worker and have a partner who don’t even want to know what you are passing through, all she knows is that u must take care of her financially, you see you ambitions won’t be achieved because you belly make use of your money for yourself. So if u won’t to grow big AVOID WOMEN, if u can’t fly from they run, if you can’t run walk, if you can’t walk away from them, but no matter what, flee or avoid them because they will ruin your future............


friends are indeed a great factor that affects A man's life negatively or positively. The scripture quotes"donot be deceive, evil communications corrupts good manners". So if you a Man that want to go far in life, you should be becareful of the friends you keep because Friends are dream killers.talking about the world we are into today, everybody want to be great no matter it will talk them, so if your friends found out that you will be greater than them, they can make sure your dreams are crippled. so becareful of this word. FRIENDS


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