Dangers of premarital sex

Dangers Of Premarital Sex

Sex was a glorious thing presented to men by God, God approved sex but his condition was that it should be meant for married couples. But today because of deception by the devil, youths now see sex as something that was meant for them, they now abuse it. A true life story, a young boy who has slept with so many women and girls went for deliverance in a church, in the process of the deliverance, the pastor found out that the young guy's penis has changed to a snake. This was as a result of his careless and abusing the gift of god in his wife. It is been said that if the usefulness of something is not known than abuse is inevitable. The dangers of premarital sex are as follows.

It can lead to carelessness

 so many married couples today who are childless are as a result of what they did during there youth age, don't forget what you sow is definitely what you will reap. So some of them who went into premarital sex and as the result they got pregnant and probably abort the baby, this act of abortion will now lead to childlessness when married and it can persist except God intervene.

It leads to shame and disgrace

 Those that embarks into this means don't know that its consequences awaits them. A true life story, a young girl who was so beautiful and she was advice by her friend to have a boyfriend, she thought having a boyfriend end there so she felt her friends was right and finally she agreed to have a boyfriend. On her first night with her boyfriend, he kissed her answer when she went home she was so happy and on the second night, he slept with her and than she was crying that she has lost her virginity, it was not more than a month, this young beautiful girl became pregnant and was abandoned by her so called friends and even her boyfriend, she was now the talk of the town, people made just of her and also disgraced her on several occasions. Having read that story you see now that premarital sex definitely leads to shame and disgrace so flee from it.

It is a destiny destroyer

 Premarital sex destroys destiny because when you are into it, your ambitions and dreams concerning your future is crippled thereby your future is jeopardized. In conclusion, in all the sins the holy bible mention, it was only fornication that the bible said we should flee away from, so flee away from premarital sex. Only a mad man sees a ship and still goes to touch it to confirm it if its really a ship. You will be tagged as a mad man after reading this article and still continue in premarital sex. Thanks

Brought correct at only a mad man sees a ship and still goes to touch it to confirm if its really a ship.


  1. bro that's true, we really need to know about this........bravo

  2. thanks Boss....
    premarital sex has taken and resided in the lives of youths today or perhaps teenagers also, the moment they begin to realise this, they will be edified.


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