Relate question/s might arise regarding this very thread but the thing is, there must be a reason behind everything. Why is it that every day, every time you see different categories of persons angry and wouldn’t mind doing an aberrant act.

Another, we have wondered on this for countless time and has come up with something tangible to present. On several occasions, before this particular day, I was pondering on that fact that “People get angry easily” could there be a reason for that? What do you think must have prompted their anger? Or perhaps maybe there is/are no reasons why they do so.

The main thing we all need to comprehend on this thread is that there is a reason for every anger. Long before now, I had thought that there mustn’t necessarily be a reason for such not realising that I was in the barrack of ignorance.

I want to openly tell you that there must be a reason behind someone’s anger or bitterness. Here on this article, am gona unseal or perhaps tell you the exponential reasons why people gets angry.
Roll on below;


Will I say that this is one of the top reasons why people easily get angry. There are several kinds of temperaments. Their kind of temperament contributes to this.


I remembered the minority of the times I see myself angry because that day would have been a total miss-fortune for me. Any day pass which I didn’t achieve anything will absolutely be the worst moment I had ever encountered.
Majority of the people you see who are angry are caused by these so called Miss-fortunes. This hits one of the basic reasons why people get angry.


Jealousy arouses your anger curiosity. When you allow jealousy to thread upon you over some relevant or irrelevant thing; it will give prone to you becoming very or developing anger on that person or something by so doing, you have contributed towards this.
Becoming jealous over something will certainly make you hate and also develop anger on that same person.


I can remember that I had once encountered this. I was dame angry when someone perhaps a partner disappointed me.
Disappoint is a great keyword that gives prone to anger.


Poverty can give rise to a permanent anger and grieves. Or perhaps I’d rather say that people remain unhappy provided that they don’t live an average live (very rich or perhaps rich). Poverty can also give rise to anger.


Uuhhmm, this is a bitter truth. Why I said this is because not everyone who’s been teased will open up to you that he was angered. When someone is being teased, it might also make the victim or give rise to his/her anger.


It is very difficult to see a happy unemployed graduate. When one has no job; he is always exposed to anger. Unemployment also contributes in giving rise to people’s anger.


I became angry when I had that our Nnamdi Kanu was arrested (the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra). Of course, to me that’s an un-pleasant news.
No one would be happy after hearing that he’s dad just passed out. So, unpleasant news makes one very angered.


Some of tribes in our local circumstances today are in serious violence and conflict.  Its citizens cannot be in good terms but rather they bear grudges and anger against each other.
The two conflicting parties cannot be happy with each other but revise is the case (anger).


Mr paul became angry when armed robbers or perhaps buglers robbed him. This goes to every one of us reading this right now. Of course you can’t be happy when you lose a platter of gold in the hands of the so-called armed men.
These above gives rise to our anger and tempered heart. The moment we start understanding them, that’s the moment we will begin to get rid of anger and its related attributes.

I hope with these, you have known the factors that give or make one to become angry at a stance. Thanks, was this article useful? You can send us a feedback using the comment box below.


  1. Nice post! There are definitely different reasons why people get angry, some are unnecessary while some are very understandable. I think you did a good job of trying to cover the major reasons.


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