Nigerian best Affiliate companies that you can use to make money
Affiliate marketing/referral program is a program set up by some companies to recruit sales personnel known as affiliates, who are paid based on the volume o sales made from their referral link.

All affiliate companies have one thing in common>> they pay their affiliates a given percentage o their sales volume as affiliate commission for their sales.

Having known what an affiliate program really is; now let’s see the best affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria that you can use to maximize your profit as a blogger or a website admin.


Konga is one best online shop affiliate company in Nigeria, because they sell wide varieties of products and it’s a perfect place to buy because they accept payment on delivery.

This means that you can order a product on Konga will make your payment only when the product has been delivered to you.

Konga affiliate pays up to 9% for apparels and 3% for electronics and other high end products. Luckily, the acceptance is not tedious.
Konga is very easy to join, all you need is to have an active blog/website and you are good to go.


Jumia affiliate is another good alternative to maximize your profit as a blogger.
The good thing is that you can combine both of them (Konga and Jumia) as many bloggers do.

They are both excellent. Jumia affiliate have high commission rate.

All you need to do is signup and start promoting the product on your blog by placing your referral link on your blog. Signup Here


VConnect is a conglomerate of business directory and superstore.
Interestingly, they now offer up to 12% commission on successful purchase on her website.
They are rocking in business for a while now.

Their web cookies last for 30 days after clicking and have mouth watering offers for top affiliate earners. Signup here


Whogohost is the leading hosting provider in Nigeria. I have hosted few niche blog with them and their service and customer support is excellent.

Yes, apart from hosting packages, they sell other services such as domain name purchase, Google Apps, Payment services.

So you can make money promoting their products and services and make good money from commission. They even pay you N500 for just signing up.
To commence, Signup Here


Naijabet is the best and most popular Betting affiliate program in Nigeria, it pays a whooping 55% of net revenue of each person you refer to bet on their website. So, if you are a sport enthusiast or a betting geek, you can take advantage of this niche to make some cool cash. Registration is free. Sign up here


Dealdey is another dedicated online store in Nigeria.
The offer bloggers the opportunity to make money by referring their friends on buy from the shop.
So, if you have a blog, I will advice you to try Deldey.
I personally have not promoted their products before but I have a friend who does. According to him, they pay their affiliate marketers well.


QServers is a web-hosting company in Nigeria.
Just like whogohost, they pay upto 20% of each referral. With QServers, you also get N500 for just signing up.
Affiliate Payment is done every week directly to your bank account. It’s simple. Signup here


Wakanow is a travel agency in Nigeria.
They render services such as visa processing, airline booking, hotel reservation, airport pickup services and much more.
You can make serious money by partnering with them via affiliate programme.
Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic on one of the leading airline business in the world. You can make money by referring someone to make successful airline booking on their website.
You can join the programme easily if you already have a commission junction account.
These are the best affiliate marketing in Nigeria for now, I will update others whenever I prove their worth.


Domainking a domain host company in Nigeria, and their affiliate program is recommended as one of the best so far in our country.
You will also get a commission for signing in and they give room for sharing referrals. This is to say that you can also make more money by sharing links through your referral ID.
We will recommend you try it, you won’t regret doing so.

Hope with this as a blogger, you will be able to monetize your blog or website, try them out and start your money making business today, thanks.

From Herbert Onwuasor He is the CEO at


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