Time is a scarce resource. This implies that time is a necessary factor but an insufficient one that has numerous needs to meet. Due to the fact that human needs and programmes are numerous with little or no time to attend to them, man has got to find a way to conscientiously apply his heart to wisdom. We all know that youths and students are mostly category of people that are likely to be chocked up with time.

This is because our adolescent state in life is stocked with so many time-eating exuberances, which may or may not be substantial. Amidst these, the onus is inequitably on us to see to it that we excel in our various fields of study with several tests, assignments, notes and obligations to see it, it’s obvious that there is no survival if we don’t draw a scale of preference and make wise and right choices in life so as not to regret our actions later on the long run.

With all these stacked out on a student, the question he/she readily ask is, “How can I manage my time.” Time is like a spirited horse is it is to work for you, you must learn to control it. Control your time very well and you will likely reduce your stress, improve your grades and gain more trust from your parents “Sounds great”. You say, “but it’s easier said that done!” true you will certainly face challenges. As a student, managing your time is almost impossible because, with so many engagements facing you, the following challenges are out on the way to stop you.
Below they are;


Scrapping out your irrelevant Do’s and activities for a day or probably continuously just to making a schedule would be a great start for your academical excellence. Making a schedule for your-self is very important and shouldn’t be played over. 

This thread is really a serious matter, for your to achieve that you dreamt of in life; you seriously need to start from somewhere and that can only be done when your set out a good schedule for yourself precisely.


Sticking to a schedule is absolutely one major challenge many young fellow today fail to heed. This is another different thread totally, making a schedule without sticking to it, will and can never help any fellow who aspires to achieve success.

Making a good reasonable grade or perhaps grades in your academical endeavour requires much struggle and studies. Making a schedule and sticking to it are not the only things that matters. Of course being consistence should be considered too. You can’t afford doing it only once and giving up the whole thing. You need to be doing it spontaneously without hesitation and tiredness.

With this, I believe, I had made out a delicious sweet out of a bitter pill, if you think something is missing out here, or perhaps you needed to ask me a question or maybe you do not understand the whole thing, you can give us a feedback using the comment box.

We would really appreciate if you give us a reasonable feedback. Thanks very much.


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