Until now, a good many of the so-called bloggers still do not know what we mean by micro niche. Because they don’t know what it means; everything I will say here will be to no avail if I don’t tell you guys what a micro niche really is.

What Is A Micro Niche?

Getting this answered, micro niche Sites are websites that are extremely specific. This is to say that a micro niche blog is a blog that discuss a specifically on a particular topic in details compared to a normal niche we all know. Let me put it this way; in a micro niche Site, you might be focusing on a specific kitchen appliance such as a toaster or microwave, or perhaps focus on Pregnancy rather than focusing on health niche.

Having highlighted this, I hope you have understood what I mean by a micro niche? Anyway am not gonna talk about it in full details like in explaining it further, but I’d rather hit the hammer straight to the nail.

Here on this thread I will highlight the best micro niches one can blog on and perhaps make good money out of it.

At first, running a micro niche could possibly help your site rankings based on your indexed pages. Since it is a small website, not only small, but specifically talks on one topic, it simply means that it could be ranking in search engines.

However, like I’d always say; I am not here to talk about the micro niche specifically, but am here to highlight such niches for you. Here below are examples of micro niches one can easily blog on and as well as monetise you blog too.

Honestly, they are many, but I’d rather highlight only 100 micro niches;
         Celebrity lifestyle
        Money making
         Bloggers Lifestyle
         Social medias
          Jazz music
         Cartoon stories
          Blog Tutorials
          Men wears
          Women wears
          World rankings
          Foreign Jokes
            Sponsoring Posts
            Techno Phones
            Agonising stories
            All about your country
            Under wears
             Bucket listing
             Public speaking
            Table mat
             Samsung products
             Smokers lifestyle
             Break fast
             Personal character

There are lots of them, but we vividly highlighted only 100.

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