’there are no secret to success. its the result
Of preparation, hard work andLearning From past mistakes’’
Vividly we can all tell. Failure is a great problem millions of student out there are facing. A recent research revealed that sixty two percent of student failed the 2014 waec examination of about 1-six million student, while other student encounter their failures either in internal exams or externals they partake in.
So in the post, I am going to expose and revealing to you five well researched reasons why many student fails in their giving examination.

NOTE; every student do not share the same reason for failing or having a lesser mark in their exams, the reasons are diversify, but I will be revealing the five most similar and common factors that leads to their failures.
The major reason why  many student fails or get a lesser mark in their exams is due to their ignorance about the factors needed to become an high flying student. Attending classes regularly, asking questions during class invoving in solitude and intensive reading also reading wide and so fort. So many student wish to potentially great in their academics but still experience failure. i know this is frustrating, but it can be solved, just go through this common errors highlighted below that leads to failure and take step on eliminating them from your life and join the groups of high flyong student.


An act of postponing what to is be done to future time. One greatest asset of every student is time and the greatest waster of it is procrastination in which almost every student is vulnerable of . at time of resumption of school instead of a student to also resumes their reading, they start postponing from the first week to the second and finally to the morning of their first test, so how do you expect such a student ton pass excellently at the given exam. all the time the student had to read all what they have been taught he has wasted them on irrelevancies procrastinating and it draws them to failure. If any f student is determined to change his status to an a a one student he must first deal with his procrastination habit.


thou social media is a good platform for getting information , meeting new people and all sought of good benefit like that, so also it has it bad effect on student. Millions of student spend average of their time surfing the on irrelevancies or on social media chitchatting instead of investing such times on their books. Am not saying it bad to be on social media as a student, what am saying is there is a time for everything.-a time to study for frivolities sheer or irrelevancies.


failure is one thing people don’t want to associate with, but why do people still fail? millions of student out there are not in school because they are ready to attend but being compelled by their parents or some situations  demands them to, so with this kind notion they develop an apathy towards learning and find themselves failing exams .


 mummy I read [she  cries]then why do you fail-I don’t know, when I got to the exam hall I couldn’t remember anything’’. So many student have this kind of complain or similar about reading and forgetting at the very moment they  are in need of  it. But the problem is traceable to the misconception of student concerning what reading is . reading is divide into intensive and extensive . extensive is define as the act of skimming through a text not with the intention to memorize point but just to get the information passed by writer and this should only be applied when reading writings that are made to entertain like novels, magazines but intensive in the other hand is studying closely at every given point and not to leave any thing out untouched.

i hope, with the aid of this article you have been able to recognise some facts why nigerian students fail their exams.
please if this was really helpful; i'd appreciate if you send us a feedback through the comment box section.


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