Anger as we know is tagged a temporal madness. With this, it means that any victim of such is reckoned to be mad at that moment of anger.
Anger is a natural phenomenon in the sense that anyone can easily or hardly get angry, but the truth of the whole matter still remains that everybody is prompt to get angry.

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In a like manner, this anger am talking about has terminated so many contracts, it has led to sum violence situations in our local countries, also, this same natural phenomenon has never done any good to mankind and some folks out there are controlled by this same and very phenomenon (Anger).

One of the youthful exuberance which has been giving some folks a high time to get rid of it. Today, I will be teaching you some ways on how to liquidate this anger of a thing. It is said that experience is the best teacher; Now I who was once a student or perhaps captive of this very anger have pass through experience and by so, have acquired high or an average knowledge on how to totally get rid of anger.

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In Addition to all these, anger can help you know when you’ve been hurt or when a situation needs to change. It's important to learn how to process and react to your anger.

Frequent feelings of anger have been linked to higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, depression and difficulty sleeping. This is especially possible if you experience highly explosive anger or your anger is extremely repressed.

Fortunately, you can learn to understand, process, and release your anger in healthy ways.

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You can’t avoid anger, but you can control it. So keep reading to know more about this natural phenomenon. Below are the common ways on how to control your anger.
  1. Remember your best moments
  2. Listen to some musics
  3. Isolate from that versinity
  4. Try sleeping
  5. Go for exercise
  6. Remain Quite
  7. Ignore the present situation
  8. Think about the future
  9. Try mingling with friends
  10. Comics could help too. Go for a comic stuff.
Try these methods and see how your anger will be controlled. Was this article useful? if yes; try sending us a feedback using the comment box below. Thanks.

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