Stress is something one could possibly tag an "unavoidable" factor in every man's life. Stress in other words could be maximized depending on the personality's potential on realizing what it takes to turn stress into success.

Many of us got stressed all the time, which may affect our career and our academical achievements. So What is the best way to turn this to a huge success? These are the steps of the most successful people in the world.

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There is an adage that goes this way "All work with play makes Jack a dull boy". Now on this context, the play there means exercise. Always have quality time for exercise. It helps in reducing stress.


You have to know this very well and no one can judge you but God, so start everyday with embracing yourself and embrace everybody around you & know that you will start a new life in that day.


Start to meditate for only 5 minutes think of the most beautiful things you want to accomplish in your life. Start your schedule smiling and feel good about yourself, because you are much better than a lot of people in the world.

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Also, whenever you get to the bed at night DO NOT think what's going to happen tomorrow... Just think very positively & feel good about yourself and congratulate yourself for doing a good job and finishing your schedule.


Just forget about the whole world, forget about your past,future or any distraction that makes you think even for a moment. KNOW that the time is stopped just for you in that moment. KNOW that you are the king of your world. So act like a King.


Embrace every moment after finishing your schedule as if it's your last moment. Greet as much as you can people that you know and that you don't know.

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Don't wait for others to congratulate you, cheer you or even thank you for something you've done. Remember that all you want from life is to finish your daily schedule and to get happy at the end of the day...that's all!

In conclusion, believe that you will accomplish all things you want and all your dreams will come true because not all the people can sustain their strength and keep their daily schedule without breaking it.

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