Educational system in this our dispensation have depreciated to a low standard one could think of. Previously, I wrote on 4 cogent reasons why Nigerian students fail in their examination, this is vividly because of the in-pure reasons our students are coming up with for not being able to demonstrate a very good result in the exams.

Examination these days has become very appalling and disgusting, in-fact it has nothing to write home about, most student think it is trite that is why they get disappointed in any exam. I have come up with some interesting strategies/methods one could possibly apply in other to be successful in any examination. 

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Below are easiest ways of passing your exams


There are different kinds of exams, some are difficult than the others but the same techniques can be used to tackle all of them. It is said that PRIOR PROPER PLANNING PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE (P.P.P.P.P.P). So in this case you have to create enough time and space for preparation towards your exam no matter how easy the exam maybe, exams are meant to test your ability and one of it is to test your ability to read and comprehend.


This will help you understand what you are reading. Sometimes in exam you may totally forget what you have read but somehow manage to remember the one you wrote. Note taking also make future reading easier. When you are reading for the second time, third time or fourth time all you need to do is pick up the note you have made instead of going through the whole book.


This is the top method you need to observe. You should find out which questions carries the most points especially in case where you have both essay and multiple choices of questions. This will help you to set your priorities right and effectively manage your time.


Past question are often repeated in a lot of examinations, but even when they are not, questions are usually set with same structure every year. Treating past questions will give you a good idea of the type of question to expect and what to do when faced with similar questions. This helps in boosting your confidence in exams.


Allocate time to every section or every question as appropriate before you begin writing. Ignorant of this has caused failure in exams because you were not able to complete the text before time. This can be avoided when you simply time yourself, it will also keep you on track throughout your exam.


This is one mistake lots of people make during exams. Whenever they come across a question that looks like something they have seen before, they get excited and choose a familiar answer not discovering the difference between the questions. Now, to avoid this silly mistake treat every question like you have not seen it before no matter how familiar it may look and make sure you get the correct interpretation before providing an answer.


When you are caught disobeying examination rules you will be disqualified. The rules are very simple like “do not write on the margin and the likes” as simply as they seem they can help you pass your exams stick to them. This will actually allow you focus better on what you have in front of you rather than turning your head like an antenna seeking signal.


This point cannot be over-emphasized. Always believe in yourself and your ability, your attitude toward any exams should be “if only one candidate will pass this exam, it will surely be me”. This kind of faith will put any thing you want in your hands.


Make sure you write clearly in other not to stress the examiner in seeing what you wrote. There are angry examiners and you won’t like to be their scapegoat, for instance, if you are asked to answer four questions don’t answer five. The examiner might think you are trying to play with his intelligence.


It's not magic or a mystery. You can get the best of result in your examination if you could honestly follow or perhaps heed to these tips elaborated above. Like I'll always say; Our academical quarter have become something you can't write home about. 

You could be the right person we have been waiting for to build the academic walls of our dispensation. 

Do you have any question? or maybe you wanna give us a feedback on something?, Yes! you can do that using the comment box below, thanks.

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