Most times, perhaps on several occasions, majority of bloggers actually thinks that blogging has to do with getting a PC, look for a better host, think of a good niche, get a domain name and then start blogging. that's not what blogging really is, so better-still, you wouldn't go far if you begin with such average quality of traits as the case might possibly be.

Before getting started with a blog, there are so many things you need to consider or look into. now specifically talking about my blog LIFE, there are three precise things i never considered before getting into blogging.

Here are the three things I wish I knew when I launched my first site. Had I known these things, I’m sure I would have grown way faster.


I’m absolutely sure that you all have heard this a gazillion time. But trust me, this is the most precious piece of advice anyone can give.

When I started, I had shiny object syndrome. I used to run after every new product that was launched in the market claiming to make you rich overnight.

I had literally tried every money making method. You name it, I had done it.

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The funny thing was that every time I tried a new thing, I expected it to make money from the very next day or quickly.

However, fortunately for me, it didn’t take long to understand that this approach won’t take me anywhere.

Now when I look back, I realize how important being patient was.

At that time, I needed to find a method that worked and had to stick with it until I succeed. Adsense niche sites seemed to be most suitable for me. Once I made up my mind, I read a lot about it before actually jumping in.

This is another mistake that I have often seen bloggers doing. They just jump into a monetization method without proper research.

Instead, make sure you have enough knowledge of the field you are getting into and you understand what exactly you need to do to succeed.

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Isaiah Joseph’s blog Omoscowonder helped me a lot in knowing the potential of adsense niche sites and how they work. Following his guides, I started my first reputable niche site and promised to myself to stick with it unless I make it big.

You know, at the start of a project, we all are very excited and determined to make it big. But as the time goes by, our determination starts to slack. Sites usually get sandboxed initially and show very little effects of your efforts.

That’s where consistency comes into play.

This taught me a big lesson:

“If you feel like quitting in the middle of a project, remember why you started in the first place”

I had a dream of making good money online and that’s what kept me motivated and pushed me to my limits.

I’m sure many of you have the same dream.

If someone like me can make it big, there’s no reason why you can’t. All you need is strong determination and the persistence to survive not so good times.


Like any other newbie, when I started, I had no money to invest on backlinks, content and even hosting. I used to search for the free alternative of everything.

I am sure many of you in the struggling phase could relate to this.

But trust me, SEO needs money. You can’t skip the investment part and expect to grow big.

But at the same time, it’s not possible for someone just starting out to invest from his pocket. Same was the case with me. So, I did some freelancing jobs to support my SEO work. I worked as a content writer for my boss Isaiah Joseph and invested whatever money I earned on my site.

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What motivated me to invest back the money?

Well, I had one thing very clear in my mind. I didn’t want to work my whole life as a freelancer. I was doing it only to support my SEO related financial needs.

And the only way to get rid of the freelancing world was to invest the money on my projects and make them big. Big enough to support my future projects.

I have seen quite a few guys working as freelancers since years. No hard feelings, but I just can’t understand why don’t they put in the same amount of efforts on their own site?

If you are freelancing in the initial phase of your career to support your SEO related financial needs, it’s good. But if you’re freelancing since the last couple of years and still don’t have a solid earning site, I am sorry to say you are missing the bigger picture.


This is something I realized very late in my career. I never really took blogging as a serious business.

Not sure why I always had a little casual approach towards it. Maybe because I was into studies alongside. I wish I had understood this thing earlier. Could have been a game changer.

What exactly do I mean with treating your blog as a business?

When someone starts a real business, some sort of investment is required. That invested money keeps him at the edge and FORCES him to work his off to grow the business. That’s something I see missing in the blogging industry.

Because the majority of the newbies start with zero investment (like me), they tend to take it way lighter than they should. They don’t come up with an actionable plan that should be executed in order to grow it. Also, there’s no long-term strategy.

Let’s do some simple maths. If you’re targeting $3k/month, that’s $36k/year.

How many business owners do you know that make that much amount of money? And those who make it, see the efforts and time they put into their business.
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Are you putting in even 10% of that???

A business doesn’t just get to $100/day and $3000/month overnight. It needs a lot of work, dedication and persistence to take it there.

There’s no shortcut to success. You will have to put in the required amount of efforts to get the desired results.

Another despairing thing that I have noted in almost all of the newbies including me is we want to be spoon fed.

We want someone to come to us, tell us their niches, do the SEO work and make money for us. I’m sorry but that’s never gonna happen. The sooner you realize it, the farther you will go.

Like any other guy starting out, I had lots of questions. And the EASIEST way that seemed was to ping the guys who were doing good in this field and bombard them with questions and call him RUDE if he fails to reply even once.

Sounds familiar?

Now think from that guy’s perspective. Why on the earth is he required to answer your questions? What is he getting by this?

I’m not saying that one should not help his fellows. All I am saying is that it’s important to understand that not everyone is in the right zone every time.

So, what’s the correct way of getting your queries solved?

Well, I realized this thing early in my career. I started to refer google for all my queries.

And trust me, 60% of my queries got solved by a mere search.

And for the rest 40%, I started Pestering my boss with the point questions. Believe me, He responded to the questions unlike earlier.

Actually, i wish i has known all these before i got started, i would have done more great and would be a great testifier on the sphere.

So my advice to all new bloggers who just entered the business, consider these three things in your blogging ministry and see how you grows-overnight.

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