Now the reason why my old clothes came back too my was this: (Kaba &slit)
when the Lord asked me to stop wearing those clothes, I discarded the old ones but there was a new set that i gave to someone instead of throwing them away. So that is how it works, If it was your ring that you gave to someone or sold, when you get there it will come back to your finger. 

It it was a wig you gave to someone, it will come back to your head again when you get there. Anything you gave to someone instead of throwing away will come to your body when you stand in the line of judgement. This was the reason why I was troubled when I stood in the queue.

The Lord Jesus said he was going to ask me questions because the disciples are really bothering Him. They told the Lord he should ensure that none of heaven seekers' members miss heaven. 

The Lord said everything He has to do to save His people, He is doing it. The Lord asked me of the messages that we have been receiving whether I have heard them, I confirmed that we have heard
them all. ll the messages the Lord give us appear in heaven as well, the warnings, prophesies etc.

The Lord said, "upon all these what else do you want me to do again?" The disciples were very serious, there were pacing up and down and snapping their fingers. I decided to ask the question I had on my heart. I asked the Lord: Lord, why is that all the sins that David committed you forgave him but in Acts 5. Ananias and Saphira you didn't you forgive them of their sin when they sold their land and brought a part of the money to God? The Lord answered me: Vida, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy. That is why you shouldn't ever compare yourself to someone else.

If that person is part of those I will show mercy, how would you know? So whatever I command you to do strive to do it. Do all that you can to do it. If you compare yourself to someone, one day you will be in trouble. A day is coming you will e miserable ! You will be miserable you will be miserable !

The Lord lifted me and said He is going to show me a place, He is taking me to where our mother Elizabeth is. (She was a church member who passed away) . Then I told the Lord, I do't want to go where she is. You already showed it our brother Philip so please I don't want to go. Before I was aware, I was already in hell on my own the Lord joined me later . Our Lord Jesus waved His hand and brought someone forward. I couldn't recognise who that person was so the Lord waved His His hand downwards and I saw it was Mama Lizzy. Brethren, She had deformed and changed beyond recognition. 

The Lord asked me to ask her a question. I asked Her. What on earth brought you to this place ? ! She replied She used to murmur and nothing seemed clean to her. Everything that was done in the church wasn't pleasing to her, that is what brought her there. She asked me of water, and I told her I had no water with me. Seeing how the demons were tormenting her, I asked "Why are you so wicked?" The Lord took me from there

On our way back, we saw Lucifer, Then the asked to watch what he is doing. He had changed to mama Lizzy, the one I had spoken to, went to the houses of some of the church members to give them dreams. She would say to them Here am I Mama Lizzy, I am not in any torment so keep doing what you have been doing and you can still make it to heaven. The Lord Jesus told me that, that is the same way he used to deceive those in Agomanya. (another church branch)
After the Lord showed me these, we came to heaven to where the disciples were. The Disciples told the Lord, to do something about it and help the church. The Lord was pacing to and fro then He sat down quietly. 

The Lord said, this is what I will do then, when someone sins and come to church I will expose them publicly. I will give my strength to some of my children to recognize and expose those who come to my presence with secret sins. There are some I will flog them with canes. They moment they step in the church. 

For instance if the person fornicated before coming He will shout I will never fornicate again, I will never fornicate again ! This is what I will do. The disciples were pleased with the plan so they smiled and accepted it. I also said Lord please this is tough so please have mercy on us and consider us. Then the disciples shouted me down and said Shut up ! Shut up ! You people are too stubborn ! What you have been told not to do, that is what you keen on doing.

I asked the Lord; Lord, if you want to act this way, then why not do it to all the churches all over and not only heaven seekers? Then He gave me a quotation Proverbs 23:9 "Do not speak in the hearing of a fool,
for he will despise the good sense of your words."

Then the Lord told me that most of my people have become fools so if He gives these corrections to them they will despise it so He won't give it to them. But for us He will give it to us. As I stand here I thank God for being so merciful to us. Amen.

Below is the revelation of Sis Vida. I you have any question to ask you can do that using the comment box below. Now do the work of an evangelist, by sharing this article or message, thanks.

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