Changing of wardrobe is something that majority of several personalities from different local circumstances would always say or rather call it an EXPENSIVE EXPENDITURE since they can’t afford it. Whereas on several occasions they do; I mean they change only when they are on cash.

Considering the-today average personalities, you would discover that a good many of them has minimised the rate at which they change their wardrobe because of its high cost.

Furthermore, elaborating on this topical issue of un-expensive methods of changing our wardrobe, destitution takes the percentage of 70 because 60% to 70% individuals are victims of circumstance.

Coming up with a less-expensive ideology on the sphere of changing our wardrobe would be a thing of joy to those who wanted an alternative rather than spending huge on wardrobe.

Do you want to change your wardrobe but you do not have enough cash for that? Are you trying to act like more than the average who went for the alternative other than acting rich? Or perhaps are you looking for a means of changing your wardrobe in a less-expensive way? Here is the perfect plan.

Here on this thread, we will teach you or better; showing you the steps that will aid a spice up, with you spending next to nothing.
Here below, are the remedies for it;


Of course you all can agree with me that there some clothes in our wardrobe that are in-active. This is to say that there are some outfits which we have probably thrown to the bottom of our wardrobe because we feel they have become old.

Most times; whenever I don’t have much cash to change my wardrobe, I will be left with the choice of making use of my old or forgotten cloths, and guess what?, people would keep on admiring me because they probably have not seen me on that outfit and that will leave them with the impression that I changed my wardrobe.

In most cases, people around would think that they are out-dated. They are absolutely wrong about that because no fashion item goes out of style. Make use of your old clothes and rock them well, before you’d know it you, you will have started a new fashion trend.

Now, having known this, you can agree with me that our old clothes will have a great part to act at this moment.


Changing our colour combination is another way of looking new. Try mixing several colours than the usual. Learn to change how you mix your clothing piece.
I am used to black and white top; but the moment Changed it from red to brown trouser made me look new in the eyes of the beholders. Obviously, you’d like this, try mixing the colours of your out-fit. That will help to boasting your outfit.


When all doesn’t seem to be right on this sphere or you are so naive of what to do regarding this, you can just go with an adhesive heel shoe. With this, you will get 60% of people’s attention from your clothes to your shoes. So get close and get started with your heel.

This in particular favours the female gender, but most times, the male are also involved too. But all that really matters is the heel in question. Get one and begin to rock on new look.

I had always loved heel shoes since I was a kid. Whenever, I wore any; it made me look as if i was on top of the world. So, I’d recommend you get one for yourself to get started.


Attaching an accessory to your outfit is great way of looking new. Just imagine the moment you wore your dull or perhaps nice colour attire combination then coupled with some relevant attractive accessories like the necklace, bracelets, hats, watches, bangles, pair of glasses or even a jacket will definitely be a very good spice up.

I’d like this in particular because I look better when I had made use my watch and jacket. So, attaching an accessory to your out-fit will definitely be a perfect spice up.


We all have known black as a neutral colour probably because it matches all colours. For example; a black trouser can go with a white top, a black trouser can go with a yellow top and same thing is also applicable to all colours.

Having known this, instead of getting a not-too important or a complete outfit that will probably need a to match colour before it could be a good spice up, for example, a yellow trouser can’t go with a white top nor a pink top but rather, it will be preferred to be a yellow trouser to a yellow top.
Do not worry about things that you cannot change. Worry is a waste of time as it absorbs your energy doing absolutely nothing. Keep your mind light.

Now, instead of going with a colour that would need a to-match colour also before it could be a good spice up; why not go for a neutral colour instead. What I mean by a neutral colour is a genuine colour that can match or go with any out-fit or colour weather it’s a related or non related colour.

So getting a neutral or an all round colour match would be a perfect go or spice up for our old fashioned outfit.


Having read this article, I hope you’d be clarified on this trended topical issue. Was this article helpful? You can send us a feedback using the comment section below to do that. Thanks.

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