Every marriage is on the shore of getting shattered if some reliable facts are not being exhibited. Today in our current dispensation, marriages do not tarry like it used to during the times of our fathers. Marriage could only be noticed at the first impression, but as time goes on, conflicts and violence commences.

The elaborateness of every marriage does not tell how successful the marriage will be. It is said that, Marriage is the only institution that does not have a final year, which is to say that, you can’t graduate from it. One can easily graduate from college, pastors can easily graduate from their seminary school, but for marriage, there is nothing like graduating. Now here is the remedy or perhaps things every married woman needs to do in other to protect her marriage.

Bring Christ to Your Marriage 

This is the first approach in building a successful home. Any married home where there is no Christ, there certainly must be crisis. So as a woman and you really want to protect your home, you’ll have to bring Christ in there.

Love Your Husband 

In a woman where the wife does not love the husband what do you expect? Where love does not exist between the husband and the wife, the marriage is directed headed for destruction. Now as a married woman, learn to love your husband and things will have to go rightly.

Love Your Children

It’s obvious that majority of our mothers today does not love their children which makes them to care-less for their children. When a mother’s attention is not on her children, there must be a probability of the husband to take an action.

Guide Your Marriage with Prayers 

If you are a wife and you can’t pray; am afraid your marriage is at stake. In every home, the woman’s (mother of the house) prayer is very important and matters a lot. Of course you wouldn’t know what that prayer does. The prayer goes far than you think.

Do Not Argue With Your Husband

Men hate women who argue with them and their decisions. They would love being the king and man of the house that wouldn’t want anybody in the family to object their rule, command, instruction and suggestions.

Do Not Keep Late Night 

Women who keep late nights do not have any value in her neighborhood. Of course the man wouldn’t be happy to discover that his sole and loved wife keep late nights. So as a married woman, keeping late nights could put your marriage at the shore of being dismissed.

Do Not Starve Your Loved Ones 

It is so disheartened that most married women starve their family at large. I personally know of a woman who would prefer cooking or perhaps preparing dinner around 10 to 11pm daily.
Now tell me, will this woman tarry in her marriage? For you to maintain your marriage learn not to starve your family.

Mind Your Own Business

Majority of the married women are so annoying in the sense that they love or would rather speak just what they heard or saw. There are so many women who bring series of problems to her husband simply because she’s troublesome. Such victim would always never gonna mind her own business. The husband can only bear it for a moment. Then carrot and stick approach will be applied to the woman.

Spend Time With Your Family

Mrs. Paul would rather prefer visiting her friend in the morning then coming back around 4pm. With such attribute, the husband must certainly get mad at her….and of course you know what that means right? She will saddle her ass and leave when the time is ripe.


A man was travelling in an aircraft. This man was wearing his wedding ring in a wrong finger. Then suddenly, someone next to him just noticed it and approach him by saying, “Sire, you are wearing your wedding ring in a wrong finger”. Then the replied him by saying “I know, and that’s because I married the wrong woman”. 

Marriage is vital and wonderful, so do all the possible best you can just to keep your marriage. And don’t forget that God is the number person whom you should invite to your marriage. Thanks. Do you have any question? If yes! Why not get us a feedback using the comment box below?

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