Previously, I wrote 7 Tips on How to Make Your Birthday Look Very Interesting and Special, But here the case is totally different.

Birthday celebration is known as seasonal or occasional celebrations almost equivalent to travelling but the difference is clear between the both. This is to say that a birthday celebration is an annual event, it is found in everyone’s life and it is directly unavoidable unless death entangles the victim along the process. But in as much as you are alive, believe me; your birthday is just at the corner.

As a music minister, your birthday celebration should be a memorable event that would never be forgotten even by a third party. Make it fun, interesting and lots more.

Of course nobody would want to celebrate his/her birthday with no graded brand for it. This is to say that we all would want our birthday to be special. Whether you like to pamper yourself or be pampered, coming up with that annual special "me" thing can actually be quite stressful, resulting in less birthday fun and more birthday worry.

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And perhaps you, like so many others, have had the experience having the big day arrive only find yourself wishing your birthday was, well, on some other day so you could just take it easy and not have to deal with the birthday hoopla.

Organize A Birthday Concert

It will a very wonderful birthday celebration if the celebrant (Music Minister) will go as far as organizing a Concert of his birthday and this is popularly known as a Birthday Concert.

You are a popular or perhaps a public fiqure in your local residence and yet you wouldn’t want your fans and friends to celebrate with you. You celebrate with others, worship with others; now why not organize a birthday concert where others will get to come and celebrate with you. Of course none of your friends and fans would want to miss it.

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I have got a friend in my local residence, whose name is Prince Ebuka, he is a music minister and a public fiqure too. Prince was born in the month of February, and there is a concert he normally organize for it. This is otherwise known as Birthday Concert. Prince tagged his concert “Bulie”. Bulie is a concert where we all gather to celebrate with prince and also thank God for the life of Prince. Of course nobody would want to miss BULIE.

So, as a music minister, I will gladly advice you to set up a concert for your birthday.

Visit Your Studio

Believe me, visiting your studio will be a very perfect thing to do. Yes, try visiting your studio and perhaps recording a new song probably in celebration of your birthday.
Your birthday will be a very wonderful event if you probably release a new song that same day, how do you see it? Wonderful right? Yes! This is absolutely perfect.

Make it look more interesting by releasing a new song that same day. Try it out.

Do A One-Man Concert

You can possibly make your birthday fun by doing a one man concert in your house. 

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Is this really possible? Yes, absolutely!

Here is how to do it, Lock up your doors and windows, just keep praising God. Just tag it “PUSH” which means Praise Until Something Happens.

Yes, I know this might sound awful, but believe me, it’s really gonna be fun and very interesting.

Try Sharing A Music EBook To Your Fans

Wow, your birthday will be reckoned as a very perfect event if you will give out some of your reliable music ebooks to your fans. Of course they will never forget such event in years to come.

Try give out some ebooks to them and see what happens next.

Organize A Superb Rehearsal With Your Crew

This should not be like a normal rehearsal. This should be a perfect and memorable rehearsal in your crews record.

Setting up a wonderful rehearsal on your birthday is a very wonderful idea. Try this out, and share the testimony or perhaps testimonies.
A friend of mine had always told us that he’s birthday is coming up sooner. Because of that, we, being his friends, have given him our full support and we will also do our very good best to see it very special.

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For now, I’m very certained that this very article is really gonna help you, especially if your birthday is just at the corner.

So far, was this article very helpful and useful? If yes, kindly give us your own point of view through the comment box section.


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