Having seen or perhaps read this headline, the first thing that should come to your mind is what is Masturbation? Because this article will be a total mess if you didn’t understand what masturbation really means.

Now What Is Masturbation?

Masturbation here in our general understanding and knowledge simply means sexing self. Yes! This actually went straight to the point. Let’s take for instance; we all know that sex is meant for married couples which mean sex is between opposite sexes. But masturbation means you won’t have to do it with your opposite sex or even same sex but you are doing it all by yourself and to yourself which is probably the wrong approach to sex.

I will call sex abuse. So take note of this, whenever you masturbate, you are directly abusing sex. In conclusion of the whole matter, it simply means doing sex the wrong way.
Major Difference Between Sex, Masturbation, Lesbianism and 

Yes! All these listed above are quite different from each other, so do not misunderstand each of them. They have different meaning from each other. For the fact that they could possibly have little or major similarity does not mean that they are same or have the same meaning. Now, I will give you a candid differentiation between Sex, Masturbation, Lesbianism and Homosexuality.
Sex: This means an intercourse between opposite sex (Man and Woman). This is strictly for married couples, so if you are not married, you are not permitted to have sex.

Masturbation: This means an intercourse of just one person. Here do not need anybody to do it, you can do it by yourself. (You by yourself). This is very wrong. It is an abomination.

Lesbianism: This is an intercourse between a female and her fellow female (Woman To Woman). This is tagged to be the wrong way of intercourse. This is also prohibited by God and by man’s law and constitution.

This is an intercourse between a male and his fellow male (Man to Man Intercourse). Here men do not need ladies for intercourse but rather they do it with their fellow men and this is also prohibited by God and by man’s mere constitution.

Now having known the difference/s between Sex, Masturbation, Homosexual and Lesbianism, you are advised never to practice any one of them listed above until you allegedly married then you can do the one called Sex which was made for married couples.

Note: Any intercourse outside married couples (Sex) is practically wrong.

Reasons Why Young People Masturbate;

A good number of the young people in our society today are all victims of this circumstance. In a society where the number of youths is 100, I will confidently say that, 80 out of the 100 all masturbates.
With my understanding of young people and their attributes, I have got to understand that they are majorly indulging in masturbation.

Yes! They masturbate but we are yet to understand the reason why they had to do so. Each day you see people complaining or perhaps confession of how they were masturbating. Now let’s see the reasons for such; of course there are many more reasons why young people masturbate and we are keenly gonna look into each and every one of them one by one.


Mr lust is the key reason why a good many of our young people masturbate. When a young individual is lusting after his or her opposite sex, the next thing that will hit his or her mind is sex, of course it is impossible to have sex with someone you are lusting for, and so the only remedy they could be able to think of was to masturbate since they couldn’t have sex with their crush.
Lust can make young youths do an undo-able.

No Strong Intimacy with God

You can easily be tossed around by the devil if you have no intimacy or a loosed intimacy with God. I know a good many of you might be thinking if this is really necessary or perhaps needed on this thread.

The devil will make you a regular customer to masturbation if you cannot stand to resist the temptation and you cannot possibly resist the temptation if you have a loosed intimacy or relationship with God.

Try building your intimacy with God and see how you’ll begin to stand and resist the devil at the peak of you being tempted.

Addicted To Pornographies

You must have the urge to masturbate if you are an addict to pornographically materials. If you are such a type that loves such, there is every tendency that you must be masturbating.

Probably, when you are all alone, the picture of what you watch will display visually in your mind which will leave you with the thoughts of thinking about intercourse. This is a very serious matter, learn to get rid of this, and see how you will become elevated from such mess.

It is only in our time you’ll get to see young people doing what you never expected them to do. Don’ be involved in such mess, take note of these listed above and correct your licking holes.

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