If you are capable to spot the changes that is happening to your spouse then there are pretty good chances to repair the damages caused. Women are great at being patient even when they take a hit on hot spots. Sometimes you do a few things out of unconsciousness but it might hurt her even if it was never your intentions. 

If you think that your wife is being calm more then she is ever then it is time for you to revisit your past memories and find out what went wrong at first place. Here are some signs that, if you notice, then you can say your wife hates you.

Reduced Communication

It is one of the most brutal form of consequence formed due to reduced interest to share. This is the first sign that you will notice. It doesn’t matter if you both are into jobs or not, but a women goes through many thoughts in a single moment and some of them will be about you too. 

The most strongest part of marriage is when you share things that you have been though when you were not together, sometimes all we need is someone to listen and understand everything that cross your mind. This gives you a feeling of being connected, understanding and it really reflects you presence in a relationship. 

She acts Grumpy

One of the easiest way to find out that she is being grumpy or not is that you look at her. If you notice that her face looks irked then yes, there is your sign she is grumpy. Often women can act grumpy when they really want to speak their hearts out but they have lost all expectations over you of understanding them. They start getting over little things like your unorganized clothes or shoes. She stops making things you like and the taste of food changes. If forget doing house chore that she asked you and she does it herself. She will often start using phrase like “doesn’t matter” a lot.

Less eye contact

It is said that your eyes speak truth when your face is not. When you make an eye contact while you speak you give a piece of your focus and a sense of being interested in knowing what your wife has to speak about. If she has stopped making an eye contact with you while speaking and instead she keeps on looking to other things then I would say you have to consider your thoughts on relationship and where it is leading. It is now time to put things on track before any more damages happen and you become helpless in this relationship.

Knowing these sings are really important because they light up your way to settling this relationship in place again. If you encounter these behavioral changes at an early stage then you can bond up again easily because you know exactly what is going wrong and how you can fix it. If Your are in trouble just take: online marriage counseling

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