Love is the most overused word in the English language. It's what we say when we want or need something, and many has fallen victim of this vocabulary.

Love is God and it's symbolic figure is Death and such is an evidence of Love. Christ is the fruit and gift of love and the result thereof is what made us a Christian.

So, next time someone profess and uttered "Hello, you know i always love you" Please kindly inquire from him/her; "Yes i knew you love me but please can you die for me? Can you bear my pains and suffer with me?

Though he/she might concur but you must not be taken for a fool because human being are deceptive. There is need for a test or prove.

Likewise also; please you must not forget the password of a true love. The secure password of every true love with genuine motives is "LOVE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX"

You need to guide this password jealously in your heart, bind it around your waist, lapse, hands, eyes, neck, trousers and skirt.

If you forget this password you will definitely blame yourself because love simply means...

L: Long-suffering.
O: Overlook.
V: Volunteer.
E: Encouragement

Long-suffering: Enduring intimidation, oppositions and perseverance while helping others.
Overlook: Disregarding offences and keying unto forgiveness and tolerance.
Volunteer: Offering selfless and upholding total commitment in order to bring-out the best in others.
Encouragement: Providing sources of hope and serving as inspirational tunes to others.

The Broken Heart and Encouragement

"I Love You" is a powerful expression or statement. It's very easy to say but very "Hard To Keep" because man can't love unconditionally.

However, due to this failure many hearts are left broken beyond repair. Many have already fallen victim and despair in spirit due to broken promises and deception. Please console and encourage yourself and move on.

Don't be mad and angry due to heart broken. Don't feel sad with life when someone break your heart but always thank God for sustaining your life. And for giving you the grace to see another day like today.

Though, your heart is broken but Christ the origin of LOVE is always around to make that heart wholly again. Perhaps your heart is pierced with many leakage holes of marital failure,
 promises and disappointment.

Please don't look bad, rather stand and claim your position as man of honor or woman of favor. You father is LOVE and has promised to fill your broken heart with peace and love. He is still beckoning; Matthew 11:28 "Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest"

He has already commission another person who will love and care for you but you need to wait patiently for it. In every circumstance of your life; God is always aware and sometimes, you don't actually understand his plan until it manifest.

Sometimes; his best and perfect will are not always our desire but will eventually turn out to be our most desirable needy. Do You Know Why?

A True Life Testimony Of God's Love

Let me share an unbelievable testimony of a sister who saw unending love of God. She was the only Born Again in her entire family. Unfortunately, her family dispersed her sudden new faith in Christ.

One certain day, on her way back from church service she saw the ugly side of her life. As she was about to enter the compound, her father sighted her from afar and asked her to make great decision of her life.

While standing outside the compound, her father asked her to choose either Christ or her family. Though she refused to deny her faith but she paid the price. Instantly, her father commanded, her to pull-off her entire dress and strip herself naked.

She reluctantly obliges and pull-off her dress, but remains only her bra and pant. As she turns back to walk out, her father ask her to pull-off both her bra and pant because he is the owner and should go and ask Jesus for replacement.

Howbeit, she obeyed and was told to go back with only her bible to where ever she was coming from and should never return back. She walked out in shame and decided to visit one of the sister who fellowship in same church. Her friend provided both her clothing and shelter while she scales through High Institution.

Meanwhile, after clothing the naked sister, her friend came out to see the expression of her neighbors and passer-by who might felt worry over her friend who walked-in naked into her apartment.

She was totally surprised when group of men at (bear parlor) near-by along the street asked, if she was a sister to the lady that just walked into her apartment a minutes ago?

The young men affirmed that the immaculate gown (dress) which her friend wore was beaming gloriously and they needed to see her. Though she saw herself walking naked but was not aware that God had already made a provision to cover her nakedness which was only seen by her friend.

That is whom i called JEHOVAH JIREH (He that always made provision before the needy).

Moreover, few years later, God favors and promoted her academically and she later got a job in banking industry. The bank manager had almost slept with entire female staff in the bank and decided to extend his fornicating enterprise on the sister but she resisted and she was fired.

Months later, the managing board held a conference meeting and the bank manager vouch for her as the most trusted staff to be assigned as Bank Manager to the newly establish branch. It was a moment of ecstasy when she drove in to her father's compound for her traditional wedding.

Yes, she forgives her father because if life doesn't give you what you want and you become filled with heart broken, you simply have to be hopeful and keep on trusting God because he always cares.

I believe someone has grab one or two points from this article; and I pray you will always recalled them to memories while dealing with life issues and love.

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