5 Things a Lady Will Do,That will Prove To You She Is Not Into you

Hello how are you today I would like to tell you 5 things a lady will do to you,that will prove that she`s not into you 

1. I Am Busy:  when she is always busy it is right for someone to be busy or not that everyone is busy the truth is that you will always create time for who ever you love so when your trying to book an appointment with a lady and she keeps giving you these excuses I am busy I am busy she is not really into you, she should try  create the whole time for you. 

2. Not Picking Calls and Replying Messages : she doesn't pick your calls or reply your messages at all, whenever you call a girl and she keeps declining your calls it takes a whole day for her to reply or she don't call back you have to call her again, she would pick she won't say a word to you, when you text her she don't reply my brother just know that she`s not into you, whenever  you text her terrible kind of message is when she will pick and tell you I'm sorry I've been busy I've not been with my phone means who was with the phone reading my messages and have not yet replied when the girls start giving such an attitude just go she's not into you. 

3. Never Talk About You To Friends:  when the lady never talks about you to her friends or introduce you to her friends there's another big sign that you are not in the Ladies heart that she is nothing to you if a lady is into you, she should make sure she allows you to know all her friends. 

4. Not Supportive: she is not supportive and yes I mean she's not supportive and encouraging, what I mean by supportive is not just her bringing all the money now being supportive is all in a way she keeps advising you in things to do she keeps advancing you in the right path to follow when a lady don't do that, she just wants you to do whatever you want to do that means she's not really into you.

5. What About Me: When a lady talks more about herself that's shows she is never into you

thanks for reading Its your favorite boy PsHeaven 

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