Things You Should observe In A Man to know if He Will Kill You In The Future

Hi! beautiful  welcome if you are reading this it means you are seeing some funny act from you man. 

Here are the things you will seen or notice that the man you are living with or in relationship with will soon kill you

  1. If you both are in a relationship and he keep making use of the world I will slap you ,eh miss or Mrs run for your life. because one of the days he will definitely slap you. it all start with that word I will snap you oo!
  2. If when ever his angry he start destroy things in the house one of the days he will have nothing to destroy but you his woman. so when you see things don't just say this guy love me he don't hit me soon we will hit you to the point of death that's not my prayer for you.
  3. When the man lack understand of what love his , love don't hate love heals , when the man don't understand you anything you do is wrong just do yourself a favour by living that relationship
  4. If he keep hitting you and apologising always run for your life because he will soon beat you to death .don't think he will change soon day no his not changing his getting worst in the act.
This are the things that when you  see it in a man just know that his going to kill you one day by beating hell out of you

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