The rate of Unhappy Marriages in the world today is becoming so alarming and perhaps some remedial efforts need to be implemented in order to curb Unhappy Marriages.

Meanwhile, even our young people are still warming up to go into an unhappy marriage. The proper knowledge on how to detect the causes or reasons for unhappy marriage is not known by so many. Probably, even they had known this; of course, there wouldn’t be any unhappy marriage again.

Over time, I’ve often seen so many homes without happiness. I’ve seen lots of unhappy marriages. I mean, I’ve been able to come in close contact with couples who never wished they got married and all these awful experiences have created a deep burden in my heart for upcoming or will I say so-to-be couples. 

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Meanwhile, on this content, I’ll be highlighting the causes of Unhappy Marriages and How to turn it into a happy marriage. Read through this content to fully understand this content.

Causes Of Unhappy Marriages and Its Preventive Measures

In this very segment, I’ll precisely outline some major causes of unhappy marriages and if this is not known, you may likely fall back a victim of an unhappy marriage even when you must have turned it into a happy marriage.

1. When You Marry Someone With Different Direction:

One of the major causes of unhappy marriages is as a result of purpose. Each time I was given the opportunity to talk to youths, I’d always lament on purpose discovery. As a matter of fact, I’ll say that; this is the major root of other marital problems.

When you marry someone who’s not going to your direction, your marriage may likely crash. How do I mean? Or what do I mean?

If your destination is USA and you went ahead to marry someone who’s destination is Canada; there will be clash somewhere. It is always important to note this fact. When a pastor marries a model; there’ll certainly be a crash somewhere. That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

Preventive Measure:

The best way to prevent this very issue is that you should ensure you marry someone who’s going in the same direction as you. On this, I’ll say
‘’Purpose discovery precedes spouse discovery’’

Don’t talk about marriage when you’ve not known your purpose in life. As a matter of fact, your purpose is what will tell you whom you should marry. You can only find someone who will be fit for you when you’ve been able to find yourself. This is actually one of the best ways on how to curb unhappy marriages. 

Meanwhile, in a subsequent time, I’ll provide an extensive way on how to find your purpose. So always make sure you check out on this blog regularly so that you won’t be missing out on any interesting content that’ll be updated.

2. Lack of Money:

A good number of marriages are not happy because of lack of money. Wives turn knotty because of lack of money. The moment you realize this, the better for you.

Lack of money is actually one of the things that can really make a happy marriage turn out to be an unhappy marriage. However, the case will be even worst when your wife is a type that compares herself with others. 

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When you start thinking that marital success can be seen only when there’s enough money; then your marriage is at the peak of shattering. It’ll soon end up being an unhappy marriage.

Preventive Measure:

If you really want your marriage to work out, then you must never beckon marital success as the sufficiency of money. Please do not forget this.

Stop seeing money as the overall thing every marriage needs to be happy. What about intimacy? what happened to trust? Where did you throw companionship?

These are the best elements every marriage should have if they really want to enjoy it.

3. Spending Little Time With Family:

There’s no way you’ll have a happy family if you’re a type that doesn’t spend some quality time with your family. Even if your marriage was good, it’ll stop being good when you stop spending time with your family.

How do you see a banker who goes to work early in the morning and returns home so late? This isn’t good right?

From my own experiences so far; I’ve seen so many marriages that turned into an unhappy marriage due to this particular reason.

Preventive Measure:

If you really want to avoid this mess, then you have to make sure that you always spend some quality time with your family. Your partner needs most of your time than anyone else.

Don’t deprive your partner of your quality time if you really want your marriage to be a happy marriage. Take this advice.

4. Comparing Your Partner With Others:

This is actually one of the major reasons why so many marriages turned out to become unhappy. A happy marriage will be at the peak of becoming unhappy when a man starts comparing his friend’s wife to his own wife or when a woman does the same.

How do you see your wife trying to compare your friend who bought a flashy to his wife with you? This is the root or beginning of marital problems.

Preventive Measure:

If you want your marriage to become happy again, then you must stop comparing your partner with other people’s partners. Your marriage is quite different from their marriage. 

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Ideally, I do not see any reason why you should compare your wife or your husband to other people. I mean, your marriage is different from theirs, your wife is different from theirs, and your husband is also different from theirs.

Added to this, your weaknesses and theirs are never the same; so why compare your partner to others. Just be happy with your spouse the way they are and stop that comparison of a thing.

5. Child Birth Issues:

The issue of childbearing is one of the major causes of unhappy marriages in the world at large. Of course, no family would be happy without the cry of a baby in their home.

So many marriages are now swimming in unhappiness and sorrows because of this very issue too thereby turning their happiness into unhappiness. The particular problem is very common in Africa and in some western countries too.

Preventive Measure:

I would really like every family to understand that childbearing is not the work of man. So do not take this issue to an extent where it will cost your marriage happiness.

All you should do here is to beckon on God. When two partners join their hands together in love to seek the face of God on this matter, believe me, your problem will be solved.

6. No Companionship:

There are lots of breakouts in marriages today due to lack of companionship. As a matter of fact, companionship was one of the major reasons why called created marriage.

There’s no way you’ll have a happy marriage when there is no companionship amongst two partners. As a matter of fact, your love times begin when companionship is built. This is actually one of the major causes of unhappy marriages. 

Preventive Measure:

The remedy for this is just for you to start building companionship with your partner.

7. When a Partner Starts Listening To Side Talks:

When a partner starts listening to side talks about their marriage, it simply means that their marriage will soon become an unhappy one. This is one of the major reasons why there are so many unhappy marriages.

This is a sign of distrust.

Preventive Measure:

Don’t let others run and ruin your marriage. Never welcome side talks. Trust your wife, trust your husband, believe your partner and I can boldly assure you that nothing; I repeat, nothing can ever put asunder between you and your partner.

8. Deprivation Of Conjugal Rights:

We can talk about this very topic without mentioning this particular point. There is nothing your partner hates than when you deprive him or her of their conjugal rights over you.

Even the bible talked about conjugal rights too.

Preventive Measure:

Husbands please don’t deprive your wives’ of her conjugal rights and please wives’ do not deprive your husbands’ of their conjugal rights too. As soon as you are married; you no longer own yourself.

Your owner becomes your partner. In order words, I can rightly say; don’t deny your partner of any marital rights.


Meanwhile, did you find this content very resourceful and educational? Marriage becomes sweeter when the partners in question are happy together. Are you married? Then this post is really for you. Are you still a single? Then this post is also for you too.

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