This is an agreement between two or more parties, bounded together by lust, evil powers, and monitoring spirit. An ungodly soul tie is a demonic covenant between man and woman. One of the hardest things to do is breaking ungodly soul ties covenant.

It is a strong tie between two people or more that bound them together with the evil spirit attachment. The ungodly soul tie is responsible for the sluggish delay of many destinies to be fulfilled.

That’s why prayers to break all ungodly soul ties could be your destiny saver. The witchcraft power behind this evil covenant has been destroying many people’s marriages and thereby dragging them backward.

Unarguably, sexual soul tie is one the strongest covenants that kill Godly affair and replace it with an ungodly relationship. For example, having sex with people in the dream is the best example of this sermon.

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This shows that your souls have already been sold out to the spirit spouse and this dream experience can frustrate your expectation in marriage. Whenever a person finds it difficult to have a stable relationship, it’s because such a person is into one covenant that has been nursing for years.

When you have sex with someone you are not married to, you are already tied to the spirit of the person. This means that whatever spirit that is troubling the person will surely affect you. 


Because there is an involvement of sexual feelings between you and him and which is capable of inviting demons.


For example, if you are in a relationship and you tell him or her these words, “I will love you forever”, ...“I will always love you” or “you are my everything”.

These words are binding forces and however, if you end up breaking up with this person, it will cause several setbacks and marital problems. Certainly, your words have the power to bind you together by that confession of “I will always love you”.

You unknowingly sentenced your heart to ungodly soul tie with such person through that careless confession. When both of you are no longer together, the chances of having marital and financial problems are very possible.

If you are a woman, for example, this will require you by breaking the ungodly soul tie with this man and if you fail to pray against this evil ties, be rest assured that you will keep dreaming about your ex-lovers either he is trying to come back or to have sex with you.

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However, the word soul ties has the power to robe you in one bad spot for a longer period. It is possible the words you spoke may be the reason why it is difficult for you to marry and prosper.

That deep emotional words have been used by the marine spirit to bind your soul to the water spirit. Bind words with partners have the long legs to travel with a person and catch up with him.

That’s why if a person declares to you that he loves you, it’s not your fault, it is the spirit of lust and bad demon that is in place. In addition, it is possible that you might not have done anything sexual with them, but as long there is an agreement between you and the person, you will be hindered.

The soul ties words are still bearing fruits in your life because you are still constantly thinking of him or her. Perhaps you are divorced and were about to get married and emotionally confessed some of these words without knowing the outcome when the man would finally leave you.

Consequences Of an Ungodly Soul Ties 

  • Ungodly soul ties can rubbish a person’s salvation and power.
  • Ungodly soul ties with a person can shut down your heavens.
  • Ungodly soul ties with a demonic person can arrest your organ.
  • Ungodly soul ties with the wrong person can tie down your glory.
  • Ungodly soul ties can introduce marital disappointment and unprofitable works.
  • This demonic ties can affect a person’s marriage if they are not broken and renounced before marriage.
  • Ungodly soul ties can open a way for the spirit spouse to torment your marital plans.
  • It prevents a man from shining or progress.
  • Ungodly soul ties can cause a woman to be forgotten or to encounter stubborn promise and fail.
  • Ungodly soul ties forces a relationship to be unstable. It makes you to suffer, poor, and beg for bread.

How Ungodly Soul Ties Covenant Manifest 

  • When the person breaks the vows. Revealing the secret to other third parties.
  • Taking blood oats.
  • Touching unclean things. 
  • When you are dealing with a strange person.
To escape this soul tie bondage can sometimes be very difficult especially when God has not shown you His mercy. The Bible says, Is there anything too hard for God to do?

By the blood of Jesus, you will be completely delivered from stubborn ungodly soul ties covenant.

20 Ways On How To Breakout From an Ungodly Soul Ties

  • Repent from and deal with all known sins.
  • Surrender your life to Christ.
  • Forgive all those that have hurt, rejected, and disappointed you. 
  • Forgive yourself. 
  • Go for deliverance if possible. 
  • Pray inquiry prayers to discover the source of your problems. 
  • Make a list of all the people, places, and things to which you have related in an unholy way. 
  • Bind and break evil soul ties with them one by one. 
  • Please take time to mention the names of those you have bind up together through sexual intercourse... one by one and break the evil ties. 
  • Write down the names of every single person you’ve been sexually involved with except for your spouse if you’re married. 
  • Do not return back to them again. 
  • Do not be discouraged. 
  • Always remember that our Lord Jesus Christ has already paid the price for your freedom from all bondage, Galatians 3:13, 14. 
  • Live a holy life. 
  • Do not go back to Egypt again or go back to your old vomit. 2 Peter 2:22. 
  • Close all open doors that lead to sexual immorality. 
  • Return everything in your possession that came from any unholy relationship such as gifts from Sugar daddies and Sugar mommies, evil associates, boyfriends and other unholy sexual partners. 
  • Get rid of polluted items that you collected from polluted churches and other unholy sources. 
  • Pray prayer of restoration to recover all that evil soul ties have destroyed and stolen from your life. 
  • Barricade your life with the blood of Jesus and the fire of God to prevent regrouping from the stubborn spirits perpetuating evil soul ties.


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