lady are like flowers if not well care for, you will lose them . so in the article I have to come up with 10 (Ten) ways To Know A Lady Ha Lost Feelings For Her Man. this is also applicable to lady way to know your man has lost his feelings for you.

10 ways to know that a girl has lost feelings for her man

1)she losses respect for him: she no longer has respect or regard for him because she has started losing feelings for him. This disrespect can come in form of insulting him or shouting at him in front of his friends
2)she loves spending time with her female friends more than him: since she feels that his no longer the best option for her. so anytime he wants to sit out with her she comes up with the excuse of hanging out with her friends (female)
3)she starts saying irrelevant things about him to her friends: As humans, we all have our weaknesses. When a lady start losing feelings for her man she will start telling her friends about the bad things that he does regularly and those bad things he does can be his weakness
4)she starts having strange male friends: a girl's man needs to know the friends she keeps. Now when a girl losses feelings for her man she starts to bring up or being around friends that he is not aware of
5)she starts comparing her man to other men
6)she always avoids discussion that deals with marriage or their future kids. (for those that are not married)
7)she no longer shares her idea with her man she makes decisions without asking for his opinion
8)she starts getting irritated whenever she’s around him and argue over little issues that can be sorted out
9)she doesn’t show interest in what he is doing-especially if the man in question carries her along with everything he does. she always tries to beget him upset
10)she doesn’t take correction and is not willing to change from a particular thing that he doesn’t like and give him reasons for her behaving the way she is doing

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