I have come to understand, that sex is not bad at all. Now before you go into anything, try to know the meaning of it. first what is sex ? 
Sex is an activity that happened between two legal married people in which they kiss touch each others bodies.
since we have gotten to know the meaning of sex, what is love?
Love is having great interest and pleasure in someone or something. now we have come to know the meaning of sex and love. i want to tell you abut the 15 things you should know about sex & love

15 Things You Should Know About Sex & Love

1. A man  who truly love you will wait till he has officially married you. He won't put an unnecessary sexual pressure on a lady.

2.there are many ways to prove love. ways like caring, communication, trust, commitment etc and not sex.

3.Love is more exhibited by self control thank lac of sex control. while sex exhibited lack the sex control.

4.Sex doesn't build intimacy in a relationship, love does and intimacy build sex.

5.If Sex was love what about the prostitutes, are they in love too?

6.You can be compatible in sex but not in the process of love. You might not be  compatible in communication ad commitment .

7. If all a man think is sex, He will stop caring for you when you said you won't sleep (have sex) with him.

8.If a man love you, he will be glad to meet your parents and take a set.

9.If a man or lady love you, he will show you to his family no just his or her friends alone, because his friends knows who the real person is.

10.So many people have sex for the sake of fun and lust not love, because love brings out the best in you.

11.A relationship built wit vision, has love flowing through but  that which was  built on sex, has lust and deceit.

12.If a man really wants to marry you, he will respect your body and wait for your wedding night.

13.Love take time , but sex is just a day and is gone and forgotten.

14.A Guy can  do anything to have you on his bed, after that he will zoom off but a real man will do all he can to have you has his wife.

15. A man can meet you the first time as a lady and get attracted to you, he will even walk up to  ask you on a  date, Does that mean it is love at the first sight?  it could be out of lust. He might have imagine how good you will be on bed not has a wife. in many cases, love at first sight occurred, on doubt but love now is act on lust for your shape, boobs and more don't be deceived. love is not sex.

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